Samsung exec admits its tablet market efforts a flop

“Samsung Electronics admitted that its attempt to breach the tablet market has largely been a flop, with one executive offering a sobering summary of its performance,” Roger Cheng reports for CNET. “‘Honestly, we’re not doing very well in the tablet market,’ Hankil Yoon, a product strategy executive for Samsung, said today during a media roundtable here.”

“That Samsung hasn’t met expectations in its tablet business isn’t a huge surprise; the company lags well behind Apple’s iPad and even Amazon’s Kindle Fire in the U.S. market,” Cheng reports. “Samsung, however, appears to remain confident that the Galaxy Note will take off.”

Cheng reports, “The 5-inch version, which is already out in the market, has been hit by a string of criticism, largely due to its a size. While it acts as a phone, it looks more like a tweener product in between a smartphone and tablet, calling some to label it a ‘phablet.’ Yoon said he expects to ship 10 million units of the 5-inch Galaxy Note, lofty expectations for a company still smarting in the tablet business. He believes the S-Pen–the stylus that comes with the device–allows users to more easily create content, rather than consume it. Samsung earlier this week announced a 10.1-inch version of the Galaxy Note. When asked about the threat of redundant products, Yoon said he hoped the Note cannibalized sales of the original 10.1-inch Tab.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yoon’s hindsight is clear-eyed and sober, but his foresight is blind drunk.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lydell C.” for the heads up.]


    1. Dell already try to sell a 5″ phone and we all know how that turned out. And to think 1 month after Samsung released their iPhone killer Nexus Prime they were ending up having a fire sale on it. Just wait a month or two and the Galaxy Note will join the fire sale ranks as well. It really is a race to the bottom for these Android handset makers.

  1. Ten million Notes? They’re dreaming. It’ll sell a million or two initially, purely due to marketing and the gimmick factor, but once in the real world people will realize what a useless size it is — way too big for a phone and not nearly big enough for a tablet — and sales will drop off a cliff.

    1. Shipped != SOLD. Samsung no longer reports handsets SOLD just handsets SHIPPED. They don’t even break out the number shipped by the model of handset. This means a dumb phone is lumped into the shipped numbers with the smart phones. “Samsung smart phone” sounds a lot like an oxymoron.

  2. ‘Sumsang’ is sounding like Rim and HP – agony of ‘de-feets’ they are hurting they admit.

    But they know the market wants iPad, so while Windows 8 gears up – lets hope for OSX 10.8 will shine on a iPadPro or AirSlate soon.

  3. David Hockney, considered to be Britain’s greatest living painter, has a huge exhibition at the Royal Academy in London. One enormous room has 50 5′ tall pictures in two rows around the walls. They were all painted in the open on an iPad using his fingers. And these assholes think you need a fucking stylus to create on a pad rather than just consume? Jesus, they just haven’t got a clue; but then, they’re just marketeers, they don’t have one iota of creativity, and understand it even less. That’s the difference between Apple and everyone else.

        1. In my circle vulgarity isn’t written or spoken. It’s a shame that regular folks can’t express themselves with our rich vocabulary without peppering their written or spoken sentences with obscenities. My circle includes academics at a local well-known university, folks in several scientific fields, some blue-collar builders and craftsmen, as well as students.

        2. How the fuck can maximum emphasis be achieved without swearing? And how can a speaker’s or writer’s particular level of disrespect, dismissal, and/or contempt for the subject be properly conveyed, for that matter?

          Obscenities are part of our rich vocabulary too, you know.

          It kind of depresses me that academics and folks in scientific fields are carrying on like meek school children who are afraid of “forbidden” adult words. I mean, sheesh, seriously. I’d think if anybody could look at it from a dispassionate perspective…

        3. @ really? Thanks for your response. 🙂 It’s not a matter of certain groups of people being meek and who are afraid of forbidden words. It’s that we just happen to find it easier to express ourselves without resorting to four-letter words for emphasis. We are not people living in cocoons nor are we (AFAIK) religious zealots or puritans. It’s just that we don’t feel the need to interject our speech with vulgarity. We are not doing this to hold ourselves up as prudes or anything like that. I’ll not go tsk tsk at you when you use these word; that’s your choice and it’s not my place to go around scolding people for their own habits. And yes, I’ll let fly if I hit my finger with a hammer. 🙂

        4. The use of swearing is an indication of the inability of the user to use language to express themselves. This is especially so when the written word is used, as writing allows the user time to think, which allows the use of more civil forms of expression. Swearing is not the only means of strong expression, only a failure of expression.

        5. The use of swearing is when the capstan slips as I’m pulling off a line, or when my squeeze does not pick up the phone when I call her, that’s pretty much it

        6. @ Jeff, Excellent Post!
          @ really?, Isn’t it a little narcissistic if your biggest worry is being able to show YOUR level of disrespect, contempt, etc. Please stop thinking about yourself so much and think about the readers of your posts and be civil and clean. It is polite and good manners. Politeness and good manners shows that you respect others instead of showing everyone that you think the world revolves around you.

    1. You actually hit the problem on the head without (I think) noticing it: You can create on an iPad with your finger, but apparently to create on an Android tablet a stylus works better for this. Have fun with that, Samsung!

  4. BLN will buy one for sure.

    I tried one on for size at Costco. That is a big sucker!

    While I was there a sales guy rushed over….. I pretended to be looking for one and the guy started selling it as some kind of ‘hot’ device. He asked me what I had at the moment and I pretended it was something I was not happy with and was looking at getting rid of it. “What do you have?”, he asked again. “Oh, it’s just one of these small screen things I got at Apple, think its a 4s”. The guy was speechless and the look on his face…………..priceless. Best fun I have had for a long time. Must go do it again.

  5. The new BigASSSmartphones from Samdung are so huge, they look really stupid. Seriously, people will put that in their pockets, purses, breast jackets, belts clips… Samdung and Android loses have lost their mind. LOL

    1. I think Samsung was trying to capitalize on those that keep complaining about the small screen on the IPhone. I think they over estimated how many truly want a larger IPhone screen. When I hold the phones with larger screens, I find them awkward. Rather like wishing that my car was three feet wider for comfort but realizing that such a car would be a pain in the kapoosta to drive.

  6. Samsung execs have been drinking *way* too much soju lately…

    That’s why the shi**y, slavish copying of Apple has been taking place.

    They keep going out for pulgogi (or ‘bulgogi’) and mondu, drink 3-6 bottles of soju, go for a ‘happy ending’ and then they wake up on the street at 4am. They can’t get any work done.

    I’ve seen younger Koreans outside of clubs puking at 7am.

    It happens.

  7. And they have a laughable ad for the 5-inch Note, where a guy whips one out and gets surrounded by a crowd of envious admirers.
    In real life, the poor fool would be surrounded by a crowd of mockers laughing hysterically and putting snarky videos of his device on You Tube.

  8. “He believes the S-Pen–the stylus that comes with the device–allows users to more easily create content, rather than consume it. ”

    Correction: “He _says_he_ believes…”
    The author of the article doesn’t know what this Samsung executive actually believes, so he shouldn’t take PR announcements as fact.” It is misleading to phrase it as “believes” because representatives of companies have incentive to push ideas. Journalists routinely give added weight to these clearly self-serving comments by making it sound as though the person truly believes what they are saying. That’s either lazy or assisting in propaganda. Do your job, journalists. It isn’t inaccurate to say “So-and-so says that the _____ will make it easier to do ____.” It is misleading to say “So-and-so _believes_ that the ______ will make it easier to do ____.” That is, unless the journalist is able to read the subject’s mind.

  9. Two problems. They’re looking to ship 10m, not sell them. In addition, whatever number they actually sell are unlikely to be satisfied customers, customers who will then buy other products and upgrade in the future. Apple make a sale to a new customer and there’s a high chance they’ll sell them something else down the line.

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