Apple launches hiring drive in Israel

“Apple is looking for a ‘Technical Recruiter’ for Israel, the computer giant has announced on its website,” Natalie Groysman reports for Al-Monitor. “The recruiter will be responsible for engaging world-class candidates for Apple in Israel, according to the announcement. The job includes, among other things, locating, screening and interviewing candidates, as well as working closely with local [research and development] and human resources personnel.”

Groysman reports, “This is the first time Apple is openly seeking to recruit personnel in Israel, and the first clear indication of its intent to hire a significant number of employees there. Last month, it was reported that the company planned to set up a [research and] development center in Haifa, to be managed by veteran high-tech entrepreneur Aharon Aharon.”

“Apple has not yet announced the exact location of its new development center, but it is expected to be located in MATAM hi-tech park in southern Haifa, Israel. About two months ago, Apple acquired, for some $500 million, the Israeli start-up Anobit, developer of a unique chip technology designed to improve flash-memory storage in mobile digital devices, Tablets and Smartphones – a technology already used by Apple to enhance user experience with its products,” Groysman reports. “Apple’s future development center in Israel, which is expected to go into operation within weeks, joins the local centers of technology powerhouses Intel, Microsoft and IBM.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. It’s double standards for Apple to claim to care about human rights in China but fail to care about human rights in Israel and Palestine. The state of Israel has been the subject of more United Nations Resolutions condemning human rights violations than any other country. But they just ignore them and carry on their Apartheid regime. Numerous reports have described how the Israeli army routinely kills children and innocent civilians simply as a form of collective punishment. I’m disgusted that Apple has chosen to spend it’s money this way.

      1. @Shaun… I share your concerns, but personally would use ‘concern’ rather than ‘disgust’. We cannot know for certain whether Apple is ignoring the matter completely or might just possibly be a force for good – for example they might institute equal-opportunity employment policies.

        [NB I am expressing my view and will not enter into a flame war on this.]

        1. I hope you’re right Tony. If Apple can use their influence to help produce a fair and equitable resolution to this problem I would whole heartedly applaud them. That’s what we all we want. A state of Israel and state of Palestine living side by side in peace. We will never convince the hot heads on either side to lay down their weapons but at least we could start to improve the living conditions for everyone in that region. My main concern is that by investing in Israel companies like Apple may in fact be supporting the status quo.

          1. The Occupation is illegal. The human rights violations are widespread and brutal. For Apple to do business with Israel while it continues with its military occupation and related human rights abuses in Palestine is unethical, disturbing, and normalizes the unacceptable. Stop the Occupation. Then build computers there.

  1. Apple is a latecomer to Israel’s high-tech scene. IBM has been there for decades, and has one of their R&D centers just up the hill from the MATAM, next to the U of Haifa. Intel and Microsoft already reside in the MATAM, along with many Israeli firms. Cisco, Google, Sandisk, HP and many others have facilities scattered around the country.

    But Apple needn’t fear that the best engineers have already been taken. Apple has its own cachet, and the Technion – Israel’s MIT – is maybe 10 miles away, up the Carmel in northern Haifa. Lots of talent there.

  2. ..and what about INTEL ???
    7000 employees in INTEL’S huge facility in Kiryat Gat, in few others around the country.
    Apple will have more than plenty talents to help develop future products. As a matter of fact, Apple will have difficulty to decide among thousands of talented candidates.
    BEST engineers in Israel are being produced all the time, every year, and I’m sure Apple recruiters will enjoy this process.

  3. Those of us in the US computer community know damned well there are thousands of people bright enough and capable enough to do all the jobs required in the tech industry. We know these jobs can be lucrative as well! Tech is a high level industry that is willing to pay for talent.

    But right now we live in a culture that places value on ENTERTAINMENT and LOOK AT ME and CORPORATE EXPLOITATION work that not only diverts talent away from tech, but shuns and deplores the ‘geeks’ and ‘brainiacs’ and ‘nerds’ . . . who actually CREATE THINGS that are tangible and lasting. It’s a self-destructive culture, like we hadn’t noticed.

    One has to be an actual ‘maverick’ to overcome and step outside ‘the box’ to be a creative and technical person at this point in time. Such people are limited. Therefore, the tech industry scours the world to find us. That’s great for We The Positive Anarchists, but lousy for our home country’s tech industry and the diverted tech-talented people who live there. Decline and fall and all that…

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