Flickr shows first major interface redesigns in years, promises more

“Markus Spiering has, as they say, a good eye. Most of his resume was in mobile before he became a senior product manager for Flickr. In March 2011, he slipped into the head product role, lording over Flickr’s 45 or so employees. ‘I have the pleasure to run product management for one of the most exciting web sites in the world: Flickr,’ he says on his website,” Adrianne Jeffries reports for Betabeat.

“Mr. Spiering is very happy to be making extensive changes to the Flickr interface, the first of which will roll out next week, as he explained in a meeting with Betabeat, Yahoo’s Jason Khoury, and, looking pretty on Mr. Spiering’s Macbook Air,” Jeffries reports. “Mr. Spiering moused over the current photo view. ‘This is very typical of Flickr,’ he said. ‘Lots of white space, small photos, lots of information around.’ He then opened a new tab to show the spread, completely revamped. Suddenly the photos look more than four times their current size and lie neatly justified on the page, somehow jigsawing together without cropping or changing the order in which they appear.”

Jeffries reports, “The new photo view will hit on Feb. 28, Mr. Spiering said, and with it comes a new upload interface. Flickr’s uploading page now looks more like an app than a website. Goodbye, retro blue links. Hello, swoopy drag-and-drop.”

Read more in the full article here.

[Attribution: MacNN. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. Hehe, I must’ve missed that memo Joe. Well I suppose if anything, my error just proves what a tainted brand M$ really is. Just a rumor of them getting involved was enough to make me ditch their service.

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