Apple vs. Proview: What’s happened so far and what’s next

“With the next big step in the ongoing Apple vs. Proview battle on its way, it is as good a time as any to break down the situation so far, and look at what we can expect to see in the next few weeks,” Hana Stewart-Smith reports for ZDNet.

“Tomorrow, on February 22nd, a court in Shanghai will be hearing a request to ban iPad sales in the city, China’s largest city by population,” Stewart-Smith reports. “Today, Apple’s lawyers have threatened to sue Proview over damages from defamation, potentially adding another lawsuit to an already complicated legal fray.”

Stewart-Smith reports, “Do not expect a customs ban. Although an imports and exports ban would be powerfully damaging to Apple, considering that Foxconn in China produces the iPad, there is the issue of costs. Raising the bond to seize shipments is an expensive process, and the iPad 2 is a popular product. This outcome is unlikely to say the least. [Or] Apple might settle… [and] there is still a chance Apple could win its appeal.”

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  1. Didn’t like the iPad name.
    Don’t care for the “i’s”.
    It’s now a bad cliché that has its days in the past decade and a half behind.
    Personal and, perhaps, non-popular opinion notwithstanding, I submit, it’s time to move on.
    I propose, Pad, as usual.

      1. How many ‘sylables’ are in an idiot? I feel like such an idiot for asking; the answer appears to be two.

        Now armed with that great insight, can we change all the brand names for idiot-proof states? Starting with Apple of course, then move on to Nike etc.

    1. While it is true that people would usually prefer a one syllable prefix, and that many people associate the “i” prefix with apple,it is also true that using the “apple” prefix would save a lot of headaches as the “i” Prefix is now used by many companies. e.g. ITV, iSupply,iFixit, just to name a few. So each time apple comes with a new iBrand it is very likely that the name is already owned by someone else even if the existing product is something completely different to the apple offering. Apple had no problems with their first iBrands (iMac,IPod,iTunes), but from that point on it has gotten into trouble.
      Remember iPhone (owned by Cisco), iCloud (“owned” by a small company) and now iPad.
      On the other hand how many think iPad is a great name? IMHO applePad does not sound so great either but the apple prefix has not deterred people from buying appleTVs

    2. i agree — the “i” is over done – its lame and so the word PAD.

      BUT its known as the iPAD and EVERYONE knows well now.

      Hope APPLE will refuse to pay CHINA a penny.

      Just let CHINA pay for the REPRINTING as the aPAD.

      a for APPLE.

  2. I don’t understand why there’s even a bone of contention with the obvious legal proof in the original agreement there for all to see, including acknowledgement of the relevant China Proviiew management now acting dumb? This would have been thrown out instantly in almost any other part of the civilized world.

    1. All these other articles are writers trying to get page clicks.
      They know the proof is out there and has already been published but they are counting on most people being stupid and clicking on their story.

      It used to be don’t trust politicians and lawyers.

      I fear it now should be don’t trust reporters, politicians and lawyers.

  3. The article, or at least the snippet above, actually says nothing. He just recites all possible outcomes. Let me write an article:

    “The Weather, What’s Happened So Far and What’s Happening Next. The sun has set. Tomorrow morning, when the sun rises, we could have a clear sky. Or a cloudy sky. It might rain, though probably not. Or we could have a cool mist, depending on humidity. It is very unlikely that it will snow, but that is always a possibility. Hail, sleet, freezing rain, and volcanic eruptions can’t be ruled out, but is almost certainly not going to happen.”

  4. There is no ‘what’s next’ here except Apple’s clear and justified right to sue Proview’s bankrupt little butts off.

    (My fingers hurt from writing about nasty little Proview. I’ve ranted my last rant on the subject. Elsewhere both I and MDN have provided links to all the relevant documents the point out Proview has already lost and that all their lawsuits outside of Hong Kong are irrelevant and illegal. IOW: Fsck the little buggers).

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