Apple: $1 trillion market cap inevitable?

“During the last nine years, AAPL shares have appreciated over 5500%, so anybody who purchased $20,000 of shares in May of 2003, has seen those same shares grow to a cool $1 million valuation,” Mark Krieger writes for Seeking Alpha.

“Will we get another 5500% bout of appreciation in the next nine years? Probably not (let’s not get greedy here), as that would create a market cap of $25 trillion, which would amount to nearly two times our country’s national debt,” Krieger writes. “I’d be happy enough if the next nine years saw AAPL’s stock appreciation clip fall 98% to 110% (from 5500% to 110%), as that would still be enough to double the shares in the same period, provide an annual return on investment of about 11%, and enable the company to be the first public entity to attain the all elusive $1 trillion market cap milestone.”

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  1. It’s a miracle! Quick, somebody tell the Vatican to canonize Steve Jobs as a saint. (His first miracle was resurrecting Apple from near-death, and his second was saving the music industry from themselves.)

  2. to have a one trillion valuation, appl must reach $1100. with earnings per share expected to be around $42 this year and probably above $50 next year, all it would take would be a P/E of around 20. (for comparison amzn still has a P/E of 100). totally feasible.

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