Apple threatens to sue Proview for defamation over iPad trademark dispute

“Apple has threatened to take legal action against a little-known Chinese firm for inflaming an ongoing dispute over the iPad trademark, alleging that the company’s founder and its lawyers have made misleading statements that could damage the U.S. tech giant’s business in China,” Michael Kan reports for IDG News Service.

“On Monday, Apple sent a letter to Chinese display vendor Proview, demanding its founder Yang Rongshan cease releasing what it said was false information to the media,” Kan reports. “Apple then warned it would sue for damages caused by ‘defamatory statements.'”

“‘It is inappropriate to release information contrary to the facts to the media, especially when such disclosures have the effect of wrongfully causing damage to Apple’s reputation,’ said the letter, which was provided by a person familiar with the matter,” Kan reports.

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Washington’s Farewell Address, September 19, 1796

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      1. Oddly, it might be lawsuits such as this that gives China’s corrupt legal system a good kick in the balls and makes it notice that fscking over everyone for the sake of cash and politics does NOT always work in the world outside. Apple consistently does things right. If China wants the business of the biggest company in the USA they’re going to have to actually perform JUSTICE for a change. Imagine that.

        We shall see! 😉

        1. The only thing that could wake China up here is if they see dollars slipping away via Apple moving out of China and or encouraging others to do the same. A distant second effect would be if they saw this as bad publicity, a sort of saving face situation.

  1. They ought to sue for breech of contract. In China these kinds of deals happen all of the time and they consider it to be honorable.

    I hope that the Chinese courts see that ProView may cost them dearly if Apple and other companies decide they can’t trust a contract on the mainland of China.

    1. Apple is ALREADY suing this scam company for breach of contract. Apple are doing it in the designated jurisdiction specified in the sales contract, that being Hong Kong. The court there has already ruled in Apple’s favor. Proview ARE in breach of contract. Apple WILL sue Proview’s little butts off.

      There has NEVER been a reason to trust any form of business with China. You takes your chances! Contractors beware. Apple knew perfectly well they were dealing with companies within a criminal nation vastly well known for screwing over thy neighbor.

    1. You are correct, it has referred to Washington and Lincoln for many years. MDN just have to slam Obama every chance they get. Me I think of it as Lincoln’s birthday. Two presidents, one who owned slaves, and did not even free them on his deathbed, and one who freed them. Which deserves to be celebrated?

  2. After years of doing business with China’s private sectors, and government, I would like to offer my opinion in this matter. No China court decisions are final especially “attention-getting” one like “Proview vs. Apple, Inc.” until high ranking Chinese Communist party members say so.

    The mere fact that there are no noticeable high ranking Chinese Communist official action taken against Apple is a really good sign even some low level courts sided with Proview.

    My take on this matter is that Chinese officials are in observation mode, they are watching Apple’s action very closely. As long as Apple don’t do anything that let Chinese Government “lose face”, I can pretty much guarantee you Proview will ease to exist pretty soon.

    … my 2 cents…

  3. Just of the topic for a bit-reading MDN take and they mentioned today being Washington’s birthday. MDN took a day off! Must be nice, not hating, just commenting that most people I k iw had to work minus the government employees.

    Now back to Apple threatening to sue Proview. Unless Apple has Guan Xi (loosely translated-connections) I find it very hard for Apple to win this one.

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