At Bat 12 coming Feb. 29th; free for MLB.TV Premium subscribers At Bat 12, the top-ranked sports app in the Apple App Store and recent inductee into the Macworld App Hall of Fame, is now included for free with MLB.TV Premium subscription (separate purchase not required).

MLB.TV Premium costs US$124.99 or $119.99 if you subscribed last year.

Users of At Bat 12 can enjoy complete portability to iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch devices.’s At Bat 12 will available on February 29th in Apple’s iTunes App Store.

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  1. MLB Advanced Media makes a great app. There’s always bitching and moaning the first few days of the season as they (and fans) work any new kinks out, but with more pre-season games happening, I expect they should be 100% by opening day.

    I use MLB apps on my iPad, iPod touch, AppleTV, Roku, PS3, Work PC and home Mac. Now, if only my Giants could turn it around this year…

  2. Something is still a bit unclear. Last season there were separate MLB apps for the iPhone and iPad. Are there still two different apps, and are both free for subscribers, or is there only one app this season (no iPad app)?

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