Apple’s Phil Schiller talks rapid speed of OS X Mountain Lion release; mere 7 months after Lion

“Apple Inc. will release an upgrade to its Mac operating system later this year, making its laptops and desktops more like iPhones and iPads just as Microsoft Corp. prepares a new version of its competing Windows software,” Rich Jaroslovsky reports for Bloomberg. “A preliminary version of the new software, dubbed ‘Mountain Lion,’ will be made available to developers today, Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of product marketing, said in an interview. He didn’t disclose pricing for the upgrade, which will be available only via download from Apple’s online Mac App Store. Mountain Lion will be widely released in late summer, he said.”

Jaroslovsky reports, “Mountain Lion — version 10.8 of the Mac’s OS X operating system — comes more closely on the heels of its predecessor than other updates. While each of the last four Mac upgrades has come about two years after its predecessor, Version 10.7 was released just seven months ago. Schiller said Apple was able to get an early start on Mountain Lion because of all the work done to prepare Lion, which reviewers said marked the most sweeping changes in OS X since its 2001 inception. He said the company has so far shipped 17 million copies of Lion, making it the company’s best-selling release ever.”

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    1. Agreed. I’ve always upgraded ASAP on all versions of OS X including Lion. And I’ve always rolled my eyes at anyone that said they would not be upgrading until the .3 upgrade or so. Not after Lion; it’ll be 10.8.3, not a bit sooner for me.

    2. Time to switch over to Windows 8, then. Compared to the Lion mess, Win8 will install like a breeze, and be solid as diamond, impervious to malware, and snappier than a dingo in a deadfall.

        1. Other than a slower boot and shutdown time, I’ve had few if any problems with Lion and I upgraded on day one. I understand others have, I just haven’t had any issues with mine at all. The only real complaint I have is the default booting up with all prior programs open again. I still have the original slow hd in my MBP and this can be painful if I forget to close all my applications before shutting down.

          1. I’ve got a 6 month old iMac and my boot and shutdown times are much faster than Snow Leopard, which my iMac came with a month after Lion was released.

            And you DO know that you can shut off the feature of reopening apps at bootup, right? You do have a choice.

      1. Everything I’ll describe I have experienced personally and reported to AppleCare since day one. Everything has been confirmed and reproduced by them, and NOTHING has been fixed:

        1) My biggest pet peeve: Safari continues to log Facebook visits to the History while on Private Mode.
        2) Doing QuickLook on a music file and then clicking on another one, causes the window title to display the current song and the previous song on the main window. Check it out:
        3) Safari sometimes crashes when saving JPG files.
        4) Dragging files to AirDisk, sometimes makes a ghost of those icons stay on the screen with no way to remove them but a reboot.
        5) Sometimes, when renaming files on an AirDisk, the filenames stray away from the icons. See these: and
        6) Safari incorrectly saves some image files as DMS. Try it with the previous two pictures.
        7) Startup and shutdown are many times slower than on Snow Leopard.

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