Apple to announce iPad 3 at special event during first week in March, say sources

“Apple’s not holding an event in February. But it is holding one in March — to launch its next iPad,” John Paczkowski writes for AllThingsD.

“Sources say the company has chosen the first week in March to debut the successor to the iPad 2, and will do so at one of its trademark special events,” Paczkowski writes. “The event will be held in San Francisco, presumably at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, Apple’s preferred location for big announcements like these.”

Paczkowski writes, “No word yet on a street date for the iPad 3 (assuming that’s what it’s called), though my guess is retail availability will follow roughly the same schedule as that of the iPad 2: Available for purchase a week or so after the event.”

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    1. Same here. Bought mine on 12/28, but may sell it and wait for the iPad 3 – I can live without it for a month or two. The music apps I use could benefit from a little more power.

  1. I am so ready for the iPad 3! My iPad 1 has been a faithful servant but I am now feeling less than the speedy experience I had when I first bought, but it still ain’t bad. I can’t believe the tear Apple stock has been on every day for the last week or so. Up past $7 today already. $500 is just a baby’s breath away! At last Wall Street recognizes a company of quality and it’s no fluke long term gain potential.

    1. Hard to believe appl is now $50 Billion larger than Exxon and just a couple months ago it was the reverse.

      Maybe, just maybe the analysts have finally fallen on their swords.

    2. My iPad 1, which I’ve had since the first day of availability, has been a perfect device. I have used it for at least two hours each day since I purchased it – the battery life is still good, and I’ve had to do a grand total of two hard reboots in nearly two years.

      Time to get the 3 and give the 1 to my momma.

      1. Same here – the original iPad has serviced me well.
        But I await the new MacBookAir (tablet – with full OSX)

        Nice idea to pass down your device to mommy.


        Sam Drucker

      2. Wow, I have sure had to do many hard reboots, most often to get it to stop being sluggish when typing etc. But most specially the time where it wouldn’t turn on at all and it appeared completely dead. Until I heard it was a known problem and there was a “secret” solution which was to hold Home+power button for 10 seconds. Then it cam back to life via a boot or reboot.
        Sure was a scary day or so when I thought it was dead.

  2. Wonder if they’ll keep the iPad 2 around at a lower price point to compete with lower-priced alternatives. Nah… This is Apple. It probably *would* cannibalize a lot of sales of the iPad 3 – it’d be a matter of “The iPad 2 is good enough, why would I need an iPad 3?”

    1. I fully expect the iPad 2 will still be with us in a $399 8 Gb version only, helping to kill Android and Amazon droppings, I mean, offerings. I also suspect iPad 2S or 3 will be the only upgrade this year, hopefully to 4G. This has become Apple’s usual logical pattern though of course you never know.

  3. IMHO — all the competitors have
    been trying to make a iPad killer… but we know the only company able to make a iPad killer is APPLE themselves.

    The weak sales of the MacBookAir will see new light when it is TRANSFORMED into a iPadPro. A metal covered, 8-core ARM proc – tablet design device – running FULL OSX Lion.

    iPad3 will be a nice device – but the KILLER will be the iPadPro the transformation of the MacBookAir.

  4. Will be updating to new iPad from iPad2. Question: what happens to files or data when they are deleted? I want to pass iPad2 to my daughter but I want to ensure confidential files and data are not retrievable – e- mails, correspondence etc.

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