Buffalo Wild Wings bar and grill expands Apple iPad pilot program

“iPads are popping up in the military, on car showfloors and at wineries and are now being tested out at customer tables by the Buffalo Wild Wings grill and bar chain,” Matt Hamblen reports for Computerworld

“Nestled in a rugged case from integrator Hubworks, the 9.7-in. iPad is being tested for customers to make food and drink orders from their tables,” Hamblen reports. “They can also use the tablets to jump online to check out Facebook, Twitter and play interactive games.”

“The 830-store Buffalo Wild Wings chain is about to launch a second phase of the iPad pilot program at a Minneapolis location after working out technical kinks at a suburban Toronto site,” Hamblen reports. “The chain hasn’t decided whether to combine purchasing from the device with purely entertainment uses, something it hopes to measure in its tests… Hubworks has included a charging capability and credit card reader in the rugged case, and has enhanced battery efficiency so that a single unit can last up 12 to 15 hours before being placed in a charging dock.”

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  1. There’s a chain restaurant whose ordering process has been built from the ground up with iPads.

    Check out http://www.stacked.com/

    I’ve eaten there and the iPads are at every table……and inside a case with a built in stand and card swiper. Everything is ordered through their custom iPad software and then staff brings the food out to you.

    Pretty cool experience.

  2. Have only been to the Oshawa ON Location and only once, that was enough for me, at $1 per wing and the biggest was smaller than my thumb (I took a picture and put it up on facebook) with no gravy for my fries. On the plus side there appeared to be 1 Big screen TV for nearly every table (Explains the high price), my son counted 47 that he could see.

  3. “Hubworks has…enhanced battery efficiency so that a single unit can last up 12 to 15 hours before being placed in a charging dock.”

    Bull. There is no way that Hubworks “improved the efficiency” of the iPad battery. The case must include a secondary battery. Besides, the iPad can already go for 10 hours on its own battery.

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