91% of business pros who have iPads use them primarily for work, 83% loyal to Apple iPad

“Nearly every business pro with an iPad is using it primarily to get work done, IDG determined in a study on Monday. About 91 percent worldwide who have iPads use it for work first, leaving just the small remainder to personal-first use. About a quarter of those tablets had been supplied by work, showing that companies were increasingly handing out Apple’s tablet as a corporate tool,” Electronista reports.

“In a likely concern to Microsoft, many of those that did have the iPad were downplaying their notebooks. About 72 percent with iPads were using their notebooks less; 66 percent said it had at least partly replaced the computer,” Electronista reports. “Worldwide, 16 percent had replaced their notebooks entirely, with that tally climbing to a high 23 percent in Europe.”

“Both Google and Microsoft were unlikely to dislodge Apple’s position. In everywhere but Australia and New Zealand, between 52 to 75 percent of companies or their professionals had bought an iPad because they explicitly liked the features,” Electronista reports. “A steep 83 percent were loyal to the iPad, IDG added. Most workers that had an iPad were consequently already out of consideration for Android or Windows tablets.”

Much more in the full article here.

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  1. Probably about 80% for myself …… But then some of my personal involves a hobby that I make money at, so could say almost 100% for business ……

    But then nobody asked me!

    When iPad 3 comes our little company will again, for the third time, buy four iPads and pass down our iPad 2 down the chain ….. All total, we have purchased 8 and have been responsible for at least the purchase of another half dozen or so, at least ….

    1. … mine helped me out just this weekend. My daughter asked me to MC the belly dance show but didn’t get me the script until ~24 hours in advance. And then it was a Word! document! I spent over an hour prepping it, then used the iPad as a “teleprompter” during the show. Excellent!

  2. Tsunamis are like that. People walking the beach can’t read the signs and then the tsunami hits. Everywhere.

    The Apple Tsunami is hitting the beach and these clueless talking heads are still looking for the official reports to tell them what they already know by just looking around. Everyone is walking around with Apple logos on their products and devices. Senior citizens, other talking heads, their kids, toddlers, people at the dinner table next to you, … AND THESE IDIOTS CAN’T SEE IT!

    They all stopped talking about Apple’s Education announcement on Friday the 19th. Reality report on January 24th when Apple reports their last quarter.

    1. Not to nitpick, but tsunamis have very distinct warnings that people on the beach can read.

      Before a tsunami, the water recedes, by a considerable distance, from the usual shoreline. Then the tsunami comes in, and keeps coming and coming.

      Unfortunately, when the water recedes, many people go out to see things where the water has receded from. That is the time they should be heading for the hills, literally.

  3. It’s pretty impressive how children instantly acclimate themselves to an iPad. My two older grandchildren (4 & 5 years of age) can make ’em go better than I can and I’ve been a Mac user since ’84 and an customer since ’78. Gonna be interesting to watch how these kids progress with these tools throughout their elementary school years.

    1. My two grand daughters are like that too. They are 3 and 5 now and have used my iPhones and iPads almost all their lives. They were poking at them before they could really hold them. I think their learning through apps and interactive media will far exceed all prior generations. I believe that is what Apple is talking about on Friday.

      It’s funny, I have 2 iPads because I have 2 grand daughters. I got the 3 year old an iPod touch with a boom box on her 3rd birthday. She loves to walk around her house with her music. I haven’t shown her FaceTime yet. She will be calling grandma at all hours of the night when she figures that out.

  4. Then Seeking Alpha has a article titled “Microsoft, Nokia have a real chance to disrupt the smartphone market. ” I wouldn’t read much into anything they write.

  5. So…

    “Among the work tasks, most were “always” using the iPad for the web(79%), reading(76%), news(73%), and work e-mail (54%) or chat(42%). Researchers believed this often meant reading either Microsoft Office or PDF files offline in addition to whatever was on the web.”

    I would be interested to know the specific/custom business apps that are getting deployed the most. Right now it looks like its email used in a business sense the most.

    Would MS do well with an Office release for iPad?
    Is iWork gaining any momentum? What about custom proprietary software from the likes of SAP?

    Those are points I would love to be enlightened on.


    1. I’ve seen reps senior executives from SAP and Sales Force.com both touting the inclusion of the iPad into their ecosystem. Believe SAP uses 1000’s internally, also.

    2. The SAP apps are going to drive more companies to purchase more iOS devices.SAP has already release dBusinessObjects Explorer, SAP CRM, Timesheet, Travel Expense apps as well as SAP One (for small business).

      I’m actually currently working on a SAP implementation, and while these are not going to be used right away, the company plans to go all in with iOS devices running these apps at some point early next year.

      This is going to be interesting to watch…

      1. I know. Super interesante. The second wave if you will. Serious Implementation.That is insane. SAP charging it. Are those dedicated SAP apps or through a vpn/cloud access? My old company uses Lotus Notes ( i know, i know…) and access was through the browser. slow as molasses but worked.

        1. These are actually dedicated iOS apps. Do a search on the App Store for “SAP AG” and you’ll see them. You do have to also be running SAP BusinessObjects Mobile Server on the backend to use the BusinessObjects Explorer app though of course.

    3. IS an “iWork” for iOS. The apps are surely out there, but iWork is a suite of three apps and I only bought two for my iPad. Have the whole suite for our OSX systems.
      Excellent question, though. How well is Pages, or Numbers, or Keynote doing on iOS? My wife is often screaming at Safari (I don’t WANT to go there) but, less often at Pages. Do we really need to add the option of Word to the mix? The iPad is a minimized system, and Pages for iOS is detuned for it. Can we DEAL with a “full-featured” word processor on such a modest system?

  6. But, but, but… The iPad’s only for consuming content!

    (This really doesn’t bode well for Windows 8 tablets. The major selling point for them is that they’re supposed to have a real OS on which you can get real work done, unlike the iPad. One little problem with that…)

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