Texas Instruments shows OMAP5 reference hardware, claims to be ‘way ahead’ of Apple

“TI has teased its first practical OMAP5 reference hardware,” Electronista reports. “The dual-core, dual-graphics ARM-Cortex A15 device shown to Engadget by VP Remi El-Ouazzane was capable of playing 1080p content at 64 frames per second… ‘This is the greatest platform on Earth right now… way ahead of Apple,’ he said during a live interview.”

“The hardware wasn’t yet ready for smartphone-class hardware. Its reference device is an inch thick,” Electronista reports. “It could be on the market [intablets, ultrabooks, and other relatively large devices] in late 2012 or early 2013.”

Electronista reports, “While claiming a technical edge over Apple, the difference is likely to be short-lived. Apple is widely though to be readying the A6 for its 2012 iOS devices and could either take TI’s route or go to quad-core. The A6 could use a 28-nanometer manufacturing process that would make it viable for tablets and smartphones.”

Full article with photo here.

MacDailyNews Take: It’s highly likely that Apple’s chip group is thanking El-Ouazzane for starting their day out with a hearty laugh.

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  1. It’s one thing to have plans to launch something that in 2013 will be way ahead of where Apple is now, but it’s a trickier challenge to bring out something in 2013 that will be way ahead of what Apple is actually doing in 2013.

  2. This made me chortle. “We have figured out how to shove a chicken into a duck into a turkey, slap on a steam engine, add some freshly designed silicon from left over breast implants and put it all into a package that can cluck, quack, gobble and pole dance all at the same time! It is the most sophisticated platform out there and will be known as the Turducken, stripper, computational TI 309 Padometer, ready sometime in 2013. Watch out Apple, your days are numbered!”

  3. Isn’t it always the case. This happens with the phones and tablets constantly. Companies announce they “will have” a product that they claim is better than Apple’s (except when the whole truth is known; they are really comparing what Apple shipped a year ago, and it really is a stretch to call it better as it has a number of serious flaws, and it really isn’t shipping for 6 months, etc, etc, etc.)

  4. A Mac Pro with the multiple i6 cores and the latest GPU boards is much faster than the OMAP5. However, it is several cubic feet in size, so not quite able to be squeezed into a smartphone yet.

  5. There’s no reason to assume what TI shows today as an early prototype trumps what Apple has in its development labs that they’re simply not ready to show you. That would spoil the surprise that is surely coming.

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