Jim Cramer: Apple just flat-out dominates; game, set, match

“There comes a moment, a tipping point, when you realize that the competition has been vanquished and the good times are rolling. That seems to be what is happening right now with Apple (AAPL),” Jim Cramer writes for TheStreet.

“Tt looks like game, set, match — we are in iTunes/iPod mode,” Cramer writes. “The iPad initiated and now the iPad has won. What’s amazing is that it looks like at the exact same time that the iPad has won its category, the iPhone 4S may be doing the exact same thing.”

Cramer writes, “Apple’s got it going for a real reason — dominance. Dominance because of the ecosystem. And the seeds planted in ecosystem by Steve Jobs before he passed away.”

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  1. Jim Cramer is just late to the game again with yet another Apple product and / or service. Sometimes it is personal history with the management and other times the companies that advertise with MadMoney are given longer than they should. (That is what happened with not seeing RIMM collapse early enough.)

    If he could just get a tech guy on his staff that uses and understands Apple products, he would not be eating crow again. I have offered a free one on one with one of his staff to help get them pointed in the right direction. They need help, facts, … and less hope in others without a future!

  2. Hah. Jim’s trying to pump up AAPL before he tries to crash it.

    In a month or so, the headline will read: “Jim Cramer: iPad’s days are numbered, Apple lost and confused without Steve Jobs” or something to that effect.

  3. It was just a couple of months ago that Cramer backed off Apple, saying it was just another stock and no longer in a class by itself. I stopped watching him at that point, since he’d lost all credibility with me. Now, he’s back on the bandwagon. I wonder how many people missed the latest big move in the stock, thanks to him.

  4. he has an agenda. he holds AAPL shares in his charitable trust. his ridiculously random projections coincide with his agenda, not what truly pertains to apple. that said, his word holds a lot of clout; maybe we’ll finally start to see AAPLs shares rise with the ACTUAL value they deserve. get ready for a big bump leading up to and after earnings call.

  5. What people don’t realize is that this was all planned way ahead of time. Sure, things changed and technology had to come to fruition to make things happen, but the basic concept of the digital hub strategy was in place back in 1998, with the release of the iMac.

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