Analyst projects Apple to sell 116 million iPhones, 55 million iPads in 2012

“Analyst Michael Walkley with Canaccord Genuity issued a pair of research notes to investors on Friday in which he has projected how the tablet and smartphone markets will shake out over the next year,” Slash Lane reports for AppleInsider. “He sees 2012 being another banner year for Apple, with sales of 116.4 million iPhones and 54.6 million iPads.”

“Projected sales of 116.4 million iPhones would be nearly 20 million greater than he estimates Apple sold in 2011, with conservatively estimated holiday sales of 30.5 million,” Lane reports. “Apple will officially confirm iPhone sales on Jan. 24.”

Lane reports, “As for the iPad, Walkley has called for Apple’s market share to dip to 52.4 percent in 2012 on sales of 54.6 million. He assumes Apple closed out 2011 with total sales of 38.1 million iPads, with 13 million sold in the last quarter of the calendar year. Those totals for 2011 would represent 63.2 percent of tablets sold in the year.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Too low on both counts. iCal’ed.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. 2011Q4 figure for iPhone sales is much saner than crazy numbers by other analysts — 30.5 million (I expect 25 million with possibly higher number up to 30 million), but for 2012 quarters sales are maybe understated; lets see.

  2. That one factory makes 200 000 iPhones per day and they are going to double the manufacturing capasity. That means they are going to produce 400 000 iPhones per day in the worlds largest mobile phone factory. That alone makes 104-146 million iPhones.

  3. “Those totals for 2011 would represent 63.2 percent of tablets sold in the year.”

    No, they would represent 63.2% of tablets SHIPPED in the year but 99% of the tablets sold.

  4. In the end….market share don’t mean a hill of beans. It’s profit that counts!!!!! Android can have a tons of phones & tablets on the market that are produced by various manufactors and have a fragmented OS and terrible user experience. For all the Apple haters to each their own. If you enjoy your Android phone & tablet good for you!!!! For all the Apple fan boys……thanks to Android it forces Apple to keep raising the bar to make a better products. It’s a win-win for everybody.

    1. I concur, James. Market share means crap. Period. Over and Out. It’s bottom line profitability that matters. Amazon is losing money on every Kindle Fire it sells, and they “ain’t” gonna make it up in volume. Screw their market share. (And check out the value of AMZN over the past 90 days [-25%]. The investors know hard cash when they see it!)

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