Slavish copier Samsung shamelessly steals Apple’s iPhone 3G design – again

“Today Samsung has announced the iPhone 3G Galaxy Ace Plus,” Joshua Schnell reports for Macgasm. “The phone looks exactly like the iPhone 3G, and clearly illustrates Samsung’s game plan moving forward.”

“Samsung’s product plan for 2012?” Schnell asks. “Become an official Apple counterfeiter, and care not one iota about doing it.”

Schnell writes, “Samsung is completely content with stealing designs, commercials, and other creative from its competitors.”


Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: As we’ve been saying since 2008, Samsung certainly has no shame.

Boycott Samsung. We no longer buy Samsung-branded products and advise our millions of readers worldwide to also avoid purchasing Samsung-branded products until they cease stealing Apple’s patented IP.

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    1. Why does the release of a phone knock off elicit a “wow”? Apple uses Samsung as a major supplier. That Apple is suing Samsung for patent infringement while continuing to use them as a major supplier is the real “wow”.

  1. I finally got a chance to see a Samsung Galaxy tablet the other day in a store, and I could not believe how much like an iPad it looked. All the other Android tablets there more or less looked like their own products, but the Galaxy was basically an iPad minus the home screen button. I was flabbergasted. Apple has every right to sue and keep at it.

    1. How is it supposed to not look like it? All tablets look very alike. People are only complaining about samsung because they are beating apple in the race. Apples top executives are blinind their consumers with this propoganda making YOU think that samsung stole their ideas, when if you did some reaserch you’d see that almost EVERY device that apple has, samsung makes.

  2. How about boycott Samsung because everything they make is total crap! The only thing they *used to* make halfway decently were TVs. I won’t buy or recommend even those anymore.

    1. Good point. I have a Samsung Blu-Ray player that I bought a couple of years ago. It stopped playing Blu-Ray discs about 4 months ago, and two months ago it stopped playing regular DVDs reliably.

      Yesterday, I tried to watch a streaming Netflix movie through it (since nothing else on it works), and was told that the keys had been hacked and that I couldn’t watch Netflix stuff anymore, either.

      I tried to do an online firmware update (which fixes the problem according to web searches), and it claimed I was up to date. Searching Samsung’s site, however, showed otherwise. Two hours later, I could finally watch the Netflix movie, but no longer had the time, having wasted it with this piece of crap player.

      Boycott Samsung. They’re shameless thieves, and their products are garbage, anyway.

      1. And you will like it, I suspect. It is very quiet. The only issue that I ran into is that it got stuck in the drain cycle once or twice. There is a foam doughnut-shaped float on the left side connected to a cheap plastic switch, and it got stuck. I cycled it manually a number of times and it has worked well since then. I have been meaning to post the photos that I took. If you know what you are doing, you can access it via the kick panel at the bottom and save yourself the trouble of pulling it out and removing the side panel.

        Despite the float switch issue, I really like my Bosch dishwasher.

        1. Now this is a shining example of why I am drawn to MDN. Talented guys sharing valuable kitchen expertise. When they’re not dissecting earnings calls or ripping trolls a new one.

      1. I try and check every purchase now to make sure. IPhone in hand and iPad in messenger bag, gives me instant access to information anytime and anywhere.

        Thanks for the tip! 🙂

  3. I bought a new 60″ LCD HDTV for Christmas. It’s not a Samsung and the one I bought I doubled check to make sure it’s not made by Samesung! Not a Sony (POS/Samsung). Suck on that Shamesung! 🙂

  4. Has anyone here read the “The Mote In God’s Eye” series from Niven and Pournelle from the mid-70s? Clearly, the people at Samsung are little more than “Moties.” Have an original idea? NEVER! Copy the ideas and product of other? ALWAYS! The new math of the 21st Century: Samsung = Moties!

    1. I bought it from a second hand book store at my college and have enjoyed it since then. I still have the copy with me, a bit tattered and torn now but it was a bit yellowed to begin with anyway. The Moties were an advanced race that had browns who were essentially slaves that did the copying. Not all the Moties copied, only their slaves and engineering class did.

      To me, copying is the sincerest form of flattery. It means you’ve done something right.

    2. On the OTHER hand, Apple can’t (nor does Apple even want to) make 100% of the world’s smartphones; someone has to make the rest, for the less discerning customers.

      On the THIRD hand, Samsung will never be a threat to Apple, because they will always be copying Apple’s stuff at least one year later. In this case, 3.5 years later…

    1. Samsung is a chaebol (or a cabal), a conglomerate supported by the South Korean government. A chaebol operates through interlocking holdings, has opaque standard operating systems (SOP) and tends to engage in every business conceivable. It is able to cross-subsidize its products and engage in predatory pricing because it has great financial clout and the blessing of the South Korean government. Thus it can act like a mafia with impunity. It is no wonder it has no compunction in engaging in industrial espionage and slavish plagiarism of other’s work and ideas.

      Until the government of the United States realizes the insidiousness of such methods, no US company is able to compete fairly with Samsung. But then, politicians in the US are a corrupted lot who will accept money from Samsung’s lobbying or whoever can grease their palms to hurt their own industries. Not only is Samsung a formidable racketeer but it also has help from a willing and compromising Congress and the bureaucracy in the US political setup.

    1. Thats because the Zune is slavishly copied by everyone on the planet weather they like it or not. As soon as you make a bowel movement and poop, out comes a Zune!

  5. Well, if Samsung’s new offering runs as slow as my retired iPhone 3G (now being used for music/games by my daughter), then Apple doesn’t have too much to worry about here! Not condoning Samsung’s actions, but in this case I don’t really think it makes much difference. The stakes are much higher when Samsung copies Apple’s modern devices like the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4/4s.

  6. Apple does not OWN anything, anybody can make and design whatever they want,
    Great job Samsung. Dont back down from a company who thinks they own and control the world, and the editor of this article needs to wake up and go work for Google.

    1. I kinda have to agree with john, apple does not own everything and the only way companies can make innovation is to have competition, look at all the pharmaceutical companies , they make exact copies of Tylenol, Excedrin, etc. Thats what make america great competitiveness, sorry apple thats life, my 2 cents worth

  7. Meh. They can copy Apple’s five year old designs all they like as far as I’m concerned. Does anyone really want a new phone that looks like the ones people are giving away to their elderly relatives?

  8. Of course what Samsung does in copying seems like cheating, and maybe even illegal by our standards. But the Korean looks at copying and competition differently than Western culture.
    Copying, tricking and cheating are part of the cultural bias that are sometimes perfectly acceptable, and maybe even admirable in Eastern cultures, . . . especially when done with style.
    Luckily, IP can be somewhat protected in court.

  9. Not Samsung, but you are pathetic isheeps:)
    How many shapes can have one device witch today is mostly only one display? (same like the TV sets)
    See this Samsung and check witch year is announced:

    Grow up ! Isn’t it better Apple to give you at last some real new product but not the obsolete iphone 4 again:) instead ? Or they now can only helplessly do “patent” clown-tricks about rectangle?

  10. I just set up a SAMSUNG BD player and the interface to move between functions looks just like the Mac dock even down to how the dock icons jump up and down, I was shocked when I saw this.

  11. remember samsung’s copy tablet add, when i first watched it I thought it was an Apple add until the end, somebody needs to do a test of random people who watch the add and guess what company it is then have Apple take the results to court

  12. One thing Samsung can never do is put the apple with a bite out of it on their products. Unless that’s they’re next plan, that is… like the fake Rolexes floating all over Asia. When it goes from simple copying to counterfeit, they’ll probably try to get their “skin” on their phones and tablets to look exactly like iOS, and if they can fool enough ignorant people out there in Asia out of the reach of Apple’s lawyers and US patent laws… they’ll just see the whole thing as a smart business decision… they might even be proud of it in some weird, strange way. Different cultures, different values. American innovators, as long as they employ Asian manufacturers, will have to just keep one or two steps ahead of the blatant immitators… as it’s always been. It would be a lot harder to reverse engineer something they weren’t already contract manufacturing or supplying critical components for with all engineering data made available. That part’s a no-brainer, but it’s still about cheaper manufacturing at the moment. Maybe that will change strategically down the road. It would be a direction worth studying for any truly original American company still creating anything new, especially things that impact the cultural paradigm in a major way.

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