Apple replacing recalled 1st-gen iPod nano units with new current-gen models

Apple has been shipping out current-generation iPod nanos as replacements for recalled first-generation units for quite some time now and users are reporting that they are receiving the current iPod nano models.

“Apple had initially been issuing refurbished first-generation models to replace the recalled first-generation units at risk of overheating,” Eric Slivka reports for MacRumors. “But it appears that the company has run out of spare first-generation units and is now supplying users with current-generation units as replacements.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Did you qualify for an original iPod nano replacement? If so, when did you apply for the recall and did you receive a first-gen unit or a current-gen model?

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    1. Not quite sure what you smoked to come to either of those possibilities.

      Surely, it couldn’t be that they don’t have replacement stock of 1st Gen models and are instead choosing to do the right thing by replacing with the latest model.

  1. My ‘service request’ was placed on Nov 13, 2011. Since Dec 1, 2011 the ‘Return’ status has been showing ‘ Product replacement pending’. Still waiting ……..

  2. Applied the first day you could apply for it. Sent it in immediately upon getting my return shipping box from Apple. Received a new iPod nano on December 23. Location: Canada

  3. Wish to God I had never sent my units in. The two 8gB 6th generation Nanos they sent me are TOTALLY INCOMPATIBLE with both of my Pioneer car stereos. I checked with Pioneer and they confirmed this. So now I’m going to have to shell out another $100-$150 to buy two older units. I talked to an AppleCare service advisor about this and he said there was nothing he could do to help. This is BULLSHIT and very Microsoftian of Apple to make a device that is NOT COMPATIBLE with THEIR OWN STANDARD. Can you say “Plays for sure?”

    1. You got current gen nano’s “for free” to replace nano’s that are over five years old, and you’re complaining? So find older ones that work with your system on eBay (hopefully not as old as the 1st gen nano), sell these new ones on eBay, and you’ll come out ahead, probably by $100-$150.

    2. So what would have happened if your old Nano’s had gone on the Fritz, and you’d actually had to go out and pay real money for the replacements? You’d still be in the same boat. Get over it. Product standards change all the time as technology improves.
      Or would you be happy sticking with an 8-Track?

      1. So you think it’s okay for Apple to render obsolete all third party iPod interfaces? You missed my point completely. Yes PRODUCT technology changes but there is and should be such a thing as standards. There are millions of third party iPod interfaces out there, clock radios, music mixers, etc. The manufacturers made these devices to comply with a set of standards provided by Appple and now, for some reason, Apple has decided to render these devices useless. Why should we celebrate and encourage this abandonment of a standard that Apple itself started?

        1. Well, it’s sort of like an Apple IIe user complaining that their old RAM chips, slot expansion cards, and peripherals don’t work in a Mac. Old standards versus new standards.

          1. Loved the IIie reference! That machne was really hot back in the day! But I don’t think it’s a valid comparison. There are solid technical reasons why I can’t use RAM from an Apple IIe in my Mac Pro. But I believe that the Nano’s incompatibility is caused by a firmware bug that could be fixed with an update. It’s in everbody’s interest including Apple’s for their iPods to work with as many existing third party devces as possible.

    3. Or, what if your old nanos overheated and damaged your car. Then you would be bitching about that. There is absolutely *nothing* about this situation that is “Microsoftian.” Please, go buy Android crap.

    4. I’m assuming you are running into the pinout change when they dropped Firewire connectivity. Yes, they changed the pinout on the USB adapter. You need a $20 Schosche adapter. I got one, and it works fine with my car stereo adapter. The adapters are probably less now.

      1. I’m not sure what you mean here. My iPod Nano did not ever support FireWire. I’m also unclear on what you mean by “USB adapter” I am connectng my iPods to my car stereos using the 30 pin dock connector–not with a USB cable. What is the part number of the Schosche adapter you’re referring to?

  4. What…? Apple is (still) replacing old “1st gen” iPod nano’s from 2005 with current iPod nano’s? That’s some deal…

    Personally, my favorite nano is the 5th gen nano (the last one with click wheel). If there’s ever a reason for mine to be recalled, and Apple replaced it with the current touchscreen nano, it would be a bit of the downgrade.

    1. It is not a wide open offer. It is a recall replacement based on a safety issue – possible overheating from faulty batteries. But Apple is handling it will class and efficiency.

      Mine still worked fine, but I did not want to face a possible meltdown in my car. So I will be glad to get the new one.

  5. I submitted my replacement request on November 12, 2011. I just checked the status…

    Step 1 Request — December 3, 2011: Product received

    Step 2 Service — December 4, 2011: Issue identified

    Step 3 Return — December 21, 2011: Replacement Product Shipped

    1. Received new 8GB (7.35GB available) iPod nano on Dec 27. I had never been that interested in the 6th gen nano before – I figured that a touch screen that small wouldn’t be all that useful. But it is truly a neat little device. Sometimes you just need to get your hands on an Apple product to realize how useful it can be and how incredible the engineering is. I have not seen a touchscreen that comes close to the smoothness and responsiveness of Apple iOS displays. They almost anticipate your inputs, and they respond so naturally that you don’t even think about it. They become extensions of you.

      The iPod nano clearly lays to rest the idea that a touchscreen device has to be large to be practical and useful. I didn’t sand down my fingertips and the 1″ square display works fine.

        1. I don’t believe so. I have not seen any statements that limited the iPod nano replacement program to online responses. When you have difficulties with online processes that might best be resolved by a human being, don’t hesitate to go to an Apple Store. Apple doesn’t get high customer service ratings for nothing.

  6. So, I gave my old Nano to my nephew, but it died after too many times in the wash. Nevertheless, they never threw it away, so when the email came to me, I forwarded it to my sister and they started the exchange process. However, they got a strange email saying that they might be liable for a repair fee of $50 or something like that. It was very confusing, so I told my sister to wait. I figured I’d hear what others were experiencing before letting my sister pay for an old Nano.

    Now, as I hoped, Apple is shipping new Nanos to replace the old ones, I just sent her the article letting her know all is good, she can finish the exchange.

    1. I’ll bet Apple was caught a bit off-guard by the number of qualifying iPods people just kept, even if completely non-functional. This recall may have been battery-related, but many (if not most) of these iPod nano’s being replaced probably have much bigger issues than a faulty battery, and they have not been used for the last two+ years. It just shows that Apple gear does not get thrown away, even if broken.

  7. My 1st gen nano still worked fine – I replaced it with a refurb 5th gen to have more space -16GB vs 4GB. I gave the original nano to my GFs niece I agreed to exchange it for her because i didnt want her to have something that might be unsafe I still think the original nano was the best.

  8. Got my sixth gen replacement just before Christmas. Considering that it’s newer, smaller, has 6 Gb more storage, and is nearly new, I’m jazzed. Complainers – ask Apple for your old units back. 🙂

    1. If Apple had given me a choice that’s exactly what I would have done. I spent over an hour on the phone with AppleCare and was assured that my iPods had been destroyed and there was no way I was gonna get ’em back. I wouldn’t be a “complainer” if my new iPod actually worked in my two cars. What am I supposed to do? Buy a new car every time Apple comes out with a new iPod?

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