13.4% of Christmas Day online sales conducted on Apple iOS devices; iPad now leading mobile device for online sales

“IBM Benchmark’s initial online retail figures are in for Christmas Day, and even for mobile devotees they are a stunner,” Erika Morphy reports for Forbes.

“The iPad accounted for 7% of all online sales on Christmas Day — meaning that 7% of all purchases made online December 25th were made from an iPad. The iPhone accounted for 6.4% of all online sales,” Morphy reports. “In third place was a not-too-shabby Android at 5%.”

Morphy reports, “The bigger story, the one that impresses John Squire, chief strategy officer at IBM Smarter Commerce, is the growth of m-commerce this holiday season. ‘The iPad wasn’t even around two years ago and now it’s the leading mobile device for purchases. Android came out from nowhere last year, and now it is in third place.’ These figures do not include the music and apps that no doubt were downloaded en mass as people tried out their new devices… Sales from mobile devices reached 14.4 percent versus 5.3 percent on Christmas Day 2010—an increase of 172.9 percent.”

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  1. So that’s 13.4%+ for iOS (iPod touch numbers weren’t mentioned in this article), versus a wimpy 5% for Android.

    And yet fandroids still whine about the lack of attention they get, insisting they deserve it because there’s more Android devices out there. How many more of these statistics will need to be published before it sinks in?


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