Apple iPhone, iPad, iPod touch activations see huge surge over Christmas weekend

Apple iOS and Android devices were apparently popular gifts worldwide over the holiday weekend, with the number of new devices seen by Localytics over 12 times higher than previous weekends. Global growth in the two competing platforms was virtually tied, but with strong regional differences across the Americas, Europe and Asia.

Localytics provides mobile analytic services to top app publishers across over 200 million devices. A key metric tracked by publishers is how many new devices, or customers, use their applications. By calculating the number of new devices across its entire publisher base, Localytics can estimate the growth of iPhones, iPads, Android phones and other devices.

Among the top 20 countries for mobile devices, Localytics saw a huge increase in both Apple iOS and Android devices over the December 23 – 26 weekend compared to previous weekends since November 25. The US and Germany registered the highest growth rates for iOS while South Korea and Sweden had the highest growth rates for Android.

Localytics 2011 holiday growth iOS and Android devices

Over all, Localytics saw a total increase of 12.5 times more iOS devices over the weekend. Although iPhone is still the most popular iOS device by far, the strong growth of iPad and iPod touch certainly contributed. In the US, Localytics registered 21x more iPods compared to 14x more iPhones.

Android saw the strongest relative growth in South Korea, besting the iOS family by over 80%. Sweden and Japan followed with new Android device growth 45% to 50% ahead of Apple iOS. Apple maintained a lead in new device growth in 6 markets; US, Germany, Great Britain (UK), Italy and Malaysia.

Top 10 Countries (Ranked by recent growth in new devices)

Localytics 2011 holiday top 10 countries for iOS, Android growth

Localytics is a Boston based software company offering the most powerful app analytics platform available, giving publishers of smartphone and tablet apps the tools needed to build more successful and profitable apps. Localytics is founded and led by mobile and application analytics experts.

Source: Localytics


  1. I guess I’m just shocked at how many “naughty” people there are. That’s the only explanation for the Coal-droid devices.

    “I got you a new smart phone and tablet!” “Wait, you said it was a smart phone. Um.. This is an android. THanks for the 2-year, $25-month contract for lame-ness. Boy, I’ll never be naughty again!”

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