Apple stock back over $400

“After the difficult year that Apple had with the death of Steve Jobs on Oct. 5, it’s worth noting that the computer behemoth is back above $400 a share Friday, currently trading above $402,” Matt Phillips reports for Bloomberg. “The stock hasn’t closed above $400 since Nov. 8.”

Phillips reports, “Apple has once again thoroughly trounced most of the stock universe. It’s up almost 25% year to date, besting the S&P 500 piddling 0.3% price gain.”

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    1. … of what you are smoking?
      AAPL is headed in the right direction again. I can once again tell my wife how well her investments are doing. But “$700 or $800 by the end of next year”? A bit exuberant, are we? 25% growth next year brings us $500. Again the year after is shy of $650! And the rest of the sector will be lucky to see 2.5% growth!
      Do I think AAPL is worth so little? No! But the market is wobbly and there’s those buggers trying to manipulate the market, as well. AAPL is worth $600 today, IMHO, but the market won’t let it get there. So, we wait. And quietly chuckle at the knuckleheads trying to rob us and line their own pockets.
      Occupy Wall Street. It will save the value of your home AND your AAPL.

  1. Aw, come on. This is about the 4th time it’s hit $400 and it failed to hold it for more than a few days every time. Apple’s stock is a $400 tease. It’s not Intuitive Surgical or even close. Apple’s been as high as $422 or so and sunk back to $380 in a month’s time. There are no guarantees with this stock. I’m only being practical. The hedge funds have got Apple shares in a freakin’ headlock. Apple shares at $500 are about as far off as can be. Even today there’s no assurance Apple will hold $400. If the market slips later in the day, it’s bye-bye $400.

  2. Apple is the head above the crowd stock that’s an open target to manipulation. But I can’t figure out why Google doesn’t get more of this treatment? Much more richly deserved there. I sure hope this time we’ve left the $400 mark behind on our way to $500.

  3. We are in the “drive it up” portion of the up-down cycle for AAPL. Fortunately, over the longer term, the UP segments are greater than the DOWN segments.

    AAPL is heading up to session highs during the last 15 minutes.

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