Analyst: Apple to ship 30.3 million iPhones this quarter; 111.4 million in fiscal 2012

“Apple is expected to ship as many as 30.3 million iPhones this quarter, says investment firm Susquehanna,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

“That estimate is up from the firm’s prior projection of 27.1 million. And for Apple’s full fiscal 2012 year, which started in October, the company could ship as many as 111.4 million iPhones, up from Susquehanna’s previous estimate of 104.4 million,” Whitney reports. “The changes to the forecast stem from the continued heavy demand for the iPhone 4S along with reports that some of the supply chain constraints seem to have been resolved. As a result, Apple has increased its iPhone build plans for both the current quarter and the first quarter of calendar year 2012, says Susquehanna.”

Whitney reprots, “Looking ahead to next year, Susquehanna expects Apple to unveil the iPhone 5 sometime around June.”

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  1. here we go.. susquehanna expects apple to release the iPhone 5 in June- despite all evidence to the contrary.

    That used to be a talented powerful trading house out of bally, pa. They lost a lot of talent over the years- and this is what you get.

    1. True. There was a time when their annual TROUT analyses was required reading for emerging markets, emerging technology, etc. Now, you wonder if they even take the time to correct for PBAJ.

      That said, an iPhone over the summer isn’t out of the question. AAPL has a particular interest in releasing splashy hardware in 2012.

  2. If these estimations are correct, then it means that Apple would sell 30m iPhones + 7m iPod touches + 15m iPads that in total equals to more than 50m iOS devices (about 570 thousand activations per day versus, say, 650 thousand activations per day as average in Q4 of Android devices). However, this could be very well an overestimation (see similar story for Q3).

  3. I guess 31.3 million….

    Does this make me an analyst…. No?…how about if I guessed right… Am I then a respected analyst who has been accurate in the past… Cool.. Kind of like a tv weatherman … I get to be wrong more times than right and still get to keep my job…sign me up.

  4. The iPhone 3GS is going to be AT LEAST three years old when it finally retires. The iPhone 4, which is significantly better than the 3GS, will probably go on for at least that long. The iPhone 4S will probably be around even longer (maybe four or five years), because the hardware is capable of doing so much more than current software allows; it will take a few years for the software to “catch up.”

    Do the hardware design work RIGHT, and the design will last a LONG time. The difference between Apple and the rest of the smartphone players could not be more stark. Apple designs an iPhone and sells it for three years. The Android collective designs a phone, and sells it for six months, then scraps the design for a new one. Not only does Apple have an efficiency advantage in manufacturing and volume purchase of component, Apple also has an unappreciated advantage in the efficiency of its hardware development. Apple, the innovation leader, does not need to waste time and effort with what the others call “innovation” (AKA “re-inventing the wheel”).

    1. Do you know how ancient technology something like 719 from Nokia is. When the iPhone came to market it was 5 years ahead of everything, so iPhone 3GS is not ancient nor old.

    2. On that note, the other phone makers design products accross a spectrum of featuresets & price-points, and it strikes me as counter-productive. Half of their best people (or more) must spend their work days designing crippled hardware just to fit the product matrix.

      On the other hand all of Apples best people are designing the next big thing.

      What a difference in strategy. Apples two or three year old products make great entry-level products — no additional design effort required.

    3. BINGO. right on. There are people that want a new toy every 6 months and there are those who appreciate when something expensive lasts 3-5 years. And the next one works the same but better.

      Don’t re-invent the wheel, just continually improve it. :-0

  5. Why would that go down? Estimate is already up in 190 million.
    Read Apple Insider with Zaky and Horace. They know where the Apple goes. Q4 (AAPL Q1) is doing well so it is nearer to 40 million than 30.

    I am waiting something like 40/20/10. Just because they are nice round numbers. That is millions of iPhones sold, iPads and iPod Touches. Nobody noticed, but Apple is now 200 Billion dollar company. Did you open a Champagne bottle?

    1. Hehe… I’ll bet you apple haters are wishing it did, as you watch your beloved Microdoft crumble before you eyes.

      Well little hater, I have some clue for you… one has nothing to do with the other. MS was an anomaly, (like Dell) they just stepped in it. The have never innovated anything, their eventual collapse was inevitable.

    2. Now here’s where I point out that due to his various medical absences, Apple had actually been running without Steve Job at the helm for quite awhile even back when he was alive.

      And during the whole time, it was still making great things and being wildly successful. So although it’s no fun that he’s gone, Apple has proven that it doesn’t skip a beat without him. And he wouldn’t have it any other way.

      How’s it feel to be wrong, Timo?

  6. I will fly to Hong Kong tomorrow night, planned to buy iPhone4S the next day, but the Apple website shows no stock. I wonder if that means I need to keep my 3G a bit longer, or maybe I get one of those famous Microdoh! phones everybody is talking about.

  7. Apple has shipped a lot of iphones, but they have to be sold also. In just a few months the market share in Europ has droped drastically from 29% down to less than 20%. In India, Asia and Chine iphone is a lilliput supplier.
    There are a lot of fine devices now on the market and affordable price.
    Apple is living a very dangerous life, having just one phone, which makes 40% of the turnover. The drop will hurt, when iphone goes out of the market.
    In my eays iphone looks among competitors devices, as almost dead meat. It was a nice device in 2007, but the design does’t live for ever.

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