Apple likely to win German ruling against Motorola in February

“Today the Munich I Regional Court held two hearings on lawsuits brought by Apple against Motorola in Germany,” Florian Mueller reports for FOSS Patents. “Motorola extended this dispute to Germany with four complaints filed on April 1, 2011 in Mannheim (about six months after its first U.S. lawsuit against Apple), provoking several lawsuits from Apple in Munich.”

“The ongoing smartphone patent war continues to be a war of attrition in which no decisive “knockout” blow is likely in the very near term, but Apple is making ever more progress forcing its competitors to modify their products in order to work around some of Apple’s original ideas, which is what Steve Jobs wanted them to do.,” Mueller reports. “One of the next “trophies” in this regard may very well be handed to Apple by the Munich I Regional Court on February 16 in the form of an injunction against Motorola products that implement a certain method for flipping pages in a photo gallery in a way the court may find to infringe on EP2059868.”

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  1. Are the German courts operating on the same frequency? Let’s see…Samdung’s Galaxy is sort of OK, but Motorola’s crapware not so much. I realize different patents are involved here, but inventors around the world ought to take note about the current state of patent unreliability and indefensibility.

  2. Can you imagine the wacky law suits when Apple introduces their television?

    Samsung: Nope. We patented the rectangle, We patented Hdmi ports on the back. Yup, swivel base, that’s ours…

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