Samsung grabs smartphone lead over Apple in Australia

“FNew data from IDC shows that Samsung has now snatched the smartphone lead over Apple in the [Australian] market,” Electronista reports. “‘Samsung has climbed to the No.1 position as a result of a strong push for its Galaxy S II,’ said Yee-Kuan Lau, market analyst for IDC.”

Electronista reports, “Smartphones make up 65 percent of the Australian mobile phone market with Android overall enjoying a full 49 percent share of the segment. Apple holds down second place with 36 percent, although this figure included demand dipping off ahead of the iPhone 4S launch in October. However, with the launch of the iPhone 4S and price drops for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 3GS, IDC expects that the prize for the leading smartphone vendor for the full calendar year could be a close run thing.”

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  1. Of course you can be leading smartphone vendor when you throw enough crap against the wall enough of it will stick. Not entirely sure, but I’m certain many of Samsung’s phones are barely more than feature phones, but having Android elevates them to a level that they really don’t deserve.

    1. And where does the race to phone size lead – having an iPad size phone in your pocket? At some point form & function have to concede to the inherent desirable device size. I ain’t got a problem with a 3.5″ phone and only geeks do. I also love this rush to features for features sake without considerable thought or proper development, or what I call the typical desperate actions of Apple’s competition. When you throw enough crap on a wall to see what sticks sometimes all you end up with is crap.

    2. Most Australians have no idea what a 4in or a 3.5in screen is. They do know what a 100mm or 90mm screen is.
      Hundreds of millions of dollars and hundreds of lives are lost because Americans convert the metric system from the British Imperial system. The metric system was invented with the help of Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson who also gave them 100 cents in the dollar rather than British pounds, shillings and pence.
      The Australian legal measurement system uses km, m, and mm. Centimetres are not part of the system. Km and ml are misspelt. Must be km and mL.

    3. Used a friend’s Galaxy recently. The bigger screen size is great for video….and worse for everything else. It’s near impossible to use the thing comfortably with one hand, as your thumb can’t reach the top icons/options. Plus, the phone takes up much more pocket space – and that’s without a case….

      I personally would opt for a smartphone in my pocket -not a smarttablet

  2. Since when did Samsung become Android. There are other phones that use Android as an os. If you really want to talk about market share, as an investor you should really be concerned about profits. So who has the most profit revenue is what is really important. We all know that Apple has the most profit because of their approach. It’s always about profit, ask companies it not how many you have, it’s what you make from them.

  3. In other words… Android is still winning. So, what? As long as Apple is making good money and consumers enjoy using their products, Steve Jobs legacy lives on. Apple needs to focus on selling its own products and not be overly concerned about how many Samsung phones are being sold.

    1. I’m sure Apple doesn’t care at all. But when did “Android” become a phone maker? Break it down by brand and I’ll bet 36% is the leading BRAND. Fud, fud, and more fud.

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