World’s stupidest thieves steal 5,000 non-selling Blackberry Playbooks

“Police said on Saturday they suspect four or five people were involved in the theft of almost $2 million in electronics when a truck driver discovered his tractor trailer missing from a rest stop,” Susan Guyett reports for Reuters.

“Chesterfield, Indiana police officer Mike Milbourn said the cab of the missing truck was found within a half mile of where it was taken but its trailer containing more than 5,000 Blackberry Playbook tablets is still missing,” Guyett reports. “Police said the thieves evidently had a truck of their own waiting to take away the trailer.”

Guyett reports, “Milbourn said the police hope to make an arrest in the case because they have retrieved fingerprints.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Almost $2 million” in suggested, certainly not actual, retail prices.

As soon as we read this, why did the words “insurance fraud” immediately leap to mind? Well, let’s give beleaguered RIM the benefit of the doubt, if, for nothing else, that we just don’t think they’re smart enough to even attempt to rid themselves of their PlayBook duds this way.

So, let’s chalk up this escapade to the world’s stupidest thieves whose haul is likely negative when you subtract the gas the fools used to ferret away 5,000 slabs o’ crap.

Maybe they could pawn them off as patio pavers? If not, in this case especially, crime most certainly doesn’t pay.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]

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  1. Oh you man of little faith! The BB PlayBook isn’t entirely useless. Back in Indiana, they use it as a hand warmer, meth melter & ice shaver. My iPad can’t & won’t do any of these things, non?

    1. Is this an insurance fraud scheme – RIM hired the thieves to steal the Playbooks? RIM might hope to get paid more by the insurance company than they would get selling the units.

      Hopefully the insurance company knows how little the merchandise is worth and nips this fraud in the bud.

  2. Must be the revenge of those RIM guys who got fired for being so drunk aboard the flight from Bejing to Toronto that it had to be diverted and the RIMidiots de-planed and fined.

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