Apple chooses Israel for first R&D center outside Cupertino

“New details on Apple’s plans to establish a new development center in Israel revealed: Calcalist has learned that the technology giant named Aharon Aharon, former head of Zoran Corporation’s R&D center, as head of its new center in Israel,” Assaf Gilad reports for Calcalist via Ynetnews.

“Calcalist has also learned that a delegation headed by Apple VP Ed Frank is currently visiting Israel to meet with several high-tech companies. Frank took a tour of Haifa and visited Intel’s headquarters in the city’s Scientific Industries Center (MATAM),” Gilad reports. “He is examining the north park of the center as a possible location for Apple’s center, Calcalist learned.”

Gilad reports, “Although the search for a location is still preliminary, Apple is showing interest in that specific location due to its proximity to the Technion – Israel’s Institute of Technology, thereby joining a slew of global technology leviathans which opened centers in the area such as Intel, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Qualcomm.”

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Michal Margalit and Shmulik Shelach report for Globes, “Haifa is eager to host Apple. Haifa Mayor Yona Yahav said, ‘The future arrival of Apple in Haifa would be a very great celebration and we would embrace them in the city. We would go a long way to help them and do everything to make their landing in Haifa as soft, as inviting and as sympathetic as possible. Apple has not contacted the municipality but the municipality is making every effort to make contact with Apple. From Haifa’s point of view it would be a very important strategic contribution.'”

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    1. No, Paul is likely right. There is no more reliable and effective security in the world than in Israel. Theirs is the model that many other countries are trying to implement. I’m sure that the Israeli government will help in this matter. Fits perfectly with Apple’s culture.

        1. You seem to equate security with technology but forget efficacy. Israel has one of the worst records of security in the world. Israel chooses retaliation as a life style and mantra rather than dialog and understanding. The code of Hammurabi was superseded by their own prophet’s teachings of the ten commandments. The teachings of Christ added love and forgiveness to the teachings of Moses. Retaliation and militarism don’t create security.

          1. What a crock of shit. Do you seriously believe that Israel would even exist today if they had not embraced militarism? Do you think that if they had a “turn the other cheek” philosophy that all of those Muslim nations would have been loving neighbors? They detest both Jews and Christians as a rule, and have done their best to destroy Israel. It’s a damned good thing they haven’t had leaders as delusional as you.

          2. CROCK of SHIIT is right. You don’t “talk” will terrorists. You don’t “understand” terrorists. YOU KILL TERRORISTS. Your attitude of love and forgiveness towards terrorist is sickening and pathetic.

        1. The greatest export of the US is democracy and the greatest teacher of democracy is life in the US. Why shut your borders to the world. The world dislikes the US in general because of the US arrogance. Open your doors and spread democracy and friendship.

          Why is it that you don’t advocate a similar fence on the Canadian side? Could it be that you are bigoted? The truly powerful don’t live in fear. Consider being magnanimous and show others how the earth is but one country and mankind it’s citizens.

          1. I’m sorry that your humane posts are being mocked by very short-sighted individuals. It gets very depressing to see how bloodthirsty this country has become. Is that what we’re really all about? Bombing our way to prosperity? Killing civilians with drones and then lying by saying that they were helping terrorists? We’re helping the terrorists by giving them more recruitment material. When you continually lose everything, and life is hopeless, what do the people mocking this really expect to happen?

    1. The fact that you are both Shocked AND Disgusted indicates that you must ignorant AND bigoted. Those two often go hand-in-hand, but it’s not a good way to go through life.

    2. Hey Switched, I hear Hamas is recruiting; maybe you should join up and learn how to fire rockets into the homes of civilians. It’s time to let your balls follow the lead of your mouth.

    3. Yes, disgusted! Yes! Shocked! You should BOYCOTT Apple!

      And while you’re at it, also boycott Intel, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Qualcomm.

      (and… That should be the last we see or hear from you round these parts)

    4. So disappointing, so unethical, so short-sighted for Apple to even think of dealing with an outlaw state that routinely and illegally violates basic human rights. It is totally unacceptable to do business with a nation while it is in flagrant, severe and continuous violation of international law.

  1. Between China and Israel, Apple sure likes to put facilities in places where brutally abusing people is government policy.

    I’m sure I’m going to get a lot of flak for saying it, because Israel is America’s ally, and the people Israel oppresses through a foreign occupying military dictatorship are brown skinned and Muslim.

    But if you put politics, religion, and race aside, and look the situation for what it is – it’s a cycle of fear, hatred, and violence, that has gone on for generations, and has no chance of ever stopping unless each side starts to respect the others right to exist. The rulers in Israel have shown no interest in ever respecting their neighbor’s right to exist, making peace an impossibility. I don’t see how anyone who respects humanity can condone the actions of Israel’s rulers.

      1. You must really hate Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, and George Washington, and the other terrorists who founded the USA. You probably think they are filthy subhumans who deserved to be hung from the gallows for their terrorists actions.

        It’s amazing all one has to do is slap a label like “terrorist” on human beings and simple minded fools come out in droves to condemn them to slavery and death.

    1. When you put ignorance and bias aside and look at the situation for what it really is… Israel is no paragon of virtue (far from it) but…

      “The Elephant In The Room

      May 23, 2011: Israel is trying to get the U.S. to recognize that the main Israeli-Palestinian problem is the corruption and radicalism among the Palestinians that makes them a divided and virtually ungovernable group. That sort of thing tends to get ignored, largely because it is politically explosive and very difficult to deal with. It’s much easier to talk about a “peace deal” or a “two state solution” without confronting the fact that the Arabs in general, and the Palestinians in particular make no secret (at least in Arab language media) that their main objective is not peace with Israel, but the destruction of Israel. This is the elephant in the room that too many will not even recognize, much less discuss.

      The latest Palestinian plan is to ask the UN to declare the Palestinian state this September, preferably with the 1967 borders (meaning no Jewish control of all of Jerusalem). That would set the stage for a Palestinian call for sanctions on Israel for not complying with the UN resolution and, eventually, that the UN use military force to make Israel comply. To help the world decide, the Palestinians have begun using unarmed mobs, which try to enter Israeli territory. This gets members of the mobs, preferably women and children, killed and turned into martyrs. This is used to further demonize the Israelis and encourage Western military intervention. The Palestinians accept the fact that no Arab state is going to try and take on the Israelis militarily. But some European states might be goaded into at least making threatening gestures. What the Palestinians really want here are economic sanctions. While the Palestinian terrorism campaign, begun in 2000, wrecked the Palestinian economy, the Israelis continued to thrive. Thus any damage to the Israeli economy might gain more concessions, and would be a big boost for Arab morale.

      The Palestinians are particularly encouraged by the success of their efforts to make it acceptable for Palestinian women and children to die for the cause. Palestinian governments have been running media campaigns encouraging this for over a decade. The message has become more and more blunt in the last few years. None of this stuff appears in English, but there’s plenty of it in Arabic. While the “hooray for death” propaganda was largely about being a suicide bomber, those who die, unarmed, while trying to occupy Israeli territory are also declared martyrs and praised copiously in the Palestinian media (along with cash payments to the families, making the deaths an economic, as well as political, transaction.)

      Israelis recognize all this, and are appalled at how so many in the West are either ignorant of these realities, or simply refuse to believe it. There’s a comprehension gap here that the Israelis fear will lead to serious attempts to destroy Israel and kill lots of Jews. After World War II, most Jews said “never again” (to mass murder like the Nazis engaged in against the Jews.) But here it is, all over again, except this time the Nazis are speaking Arabic, and aren’t nearly as well organized.”

      1. Thanks for responding, but I disagree with you on several points.

        Firstly, what does “put ignorance aside” even mean? Surely no one knows everything, and therefore everyone is ignorant of some information. So how can one put aside the fact that they are ignorant? Are you suggesting we pretend to know everything? Isn’t that just a different style of ignorance?

        Secondly, you make a very big generalization, that Arabs general are mainly concerned with “the destruction of Israel”, and use this as justification for hostility against all of them. First of all, a large and diverse group of people can’t all think the same way. “Arab” people probably includes many farmers who just want a good harvest and economy, and probably many children who just want to be happy and have fun, and many parents who just want a good future for their kids, and many other people who for various reasons don’t care about the politics of another nation and just want a good life for themselves. Even if their political leaders express overt hostility to Israel, it’s flawed to think every Arab thinks the same thing. And, even if all Arabs were all evil, trying to kill all isn’t working, has never worked, will never work, and is making the problem worse.

        The only possible way to make generations of violence end is to stop killing the enemy, in defiance of your own fear and hatred of the enemy. To do anything else is to cowardly surrender to unending suffering.

        Thirdly, you shouldn’t be so careless with Nazi metaphors. If your qualification for being like Nazis is just mass-murder, then Israeli violence against Palestinians easily fits the description. In fact, that’s what I thought you were talking up until I read “the Nazis are speaking Arabic” part in your last sentence. In many ways it’s a better metaphor, because of how organized and systematic the Israeli state is at trying to eliminate Palestinians. Point is there’s a enough mass murder on both sides to call either or both Nazis, so the metaphor is useless in this situation. You shouldn’t waste such a potent metaphor; save it for when people really are like Nazis.

  2. As an active financial supporter of Technion, let me offer a few comments. Not only have their researchers won THREE Nobel prizes (all in Chemistry), they also house one of the largest Computer Science departments anywhere.The MATAM science park houses a number of US majors (not just Microsoft and Intel), plus some local high-tech powerhouses. (IBM has a research facility two miles or so up in the Carmel, close to the U of Haifa.) It’s also close to one of Haifa’s beaches, so folks from California should feel right at home.

    It was Intel’s Israeli engineers who basically saved the company by developing the Core architecture, and Cisco’s Israeli engineers who developed their most powerful routers. And to those morons who can’t think Israel without “apartheid” coming to mind, Technion is leading development of cancer detecting “sniffers”, and the initiative is being lead by … an Israeli Arab scientist.

  3. Most of the comments both for and against Israel are pathetically childish and without any factual basis whatsoever. You all sound like a bunch of four-year-olds arguing about nuclear energy. What does a four-year-old know about nuclear energy? Nothing.

  4. Wow, I had no idea there were so many ignorant bigots on MDN. Each time I come here there are more and more and the obvious political bias in MDN commentary is a very big turnoff to any intelligent being.

  5. Regardless of Israel’s “foreign” affairs problems, it also faces a fundamental domestic problem: namely the rise of the reactionary religious conservatives. These guys may not (yet) be as violent as the Muslim Brotherhood was a few years ago, but they are trying to drag Israel society backwards a thousand years: sending women to the back of the bus, abandoning military meetings if women are singing. That is just news from the past few weeks. At present, they are only about 10% of the population, but they are influential and growing.

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