Apple to build semiconductor R&D center in Israel, sources say

“Apple Inc. has decided to open a development center in Israel focusing on semiconductors,” Shmulik Shelach reports for Globes, citing unnamed sources. “The decision was taken even before the company entered into talks to acquire Herzliya-based flash storage solutions provider Anobit Ltd.”

“Apple has hired Aharon Aharon, a veteran player in Israel’s high tech industry, to lead the new development center,” Shelach reports. “Apple corporate VP R&D Ed Frank is currently visiting Israel. Frank’s background is in semiconductors and he has spent most of the last decade in senior positions at Broadcom Corporation, where he has managed communications chips activities and R&D generally. Frank has been meeting with Israeli companies and high tech businesspeople, although the purpose of the visit has probably not been to identify acquisitions.”

Shelach reports, “Apple’s strategy over the years has been to have full control over most of the components in its products. Apple’s history with chips began in 2008 with the acquisition of P.A. Semi, which today forms the basis for all the company’s computers and phones.”

MacDailyNews Note: Incorrect. To date, Apple’s “A” processors power iOS devices only. Intel processors power all of Apple’s Macintosh lines.

“In 2010, Apple made a number of acquisitions, in contrast to previous periods when the company preferred organic growth. In semiconductors, the company acquired swift processors developer Intrinsity, on which it has based its iPad A4 processors,” Shelach reports. “There is something in common between the acquisition of Intrinsity and Apple’s interest in Anobit. Both companies have cooperated with Korean giant Samsung, which is waging a fierce IP legal battle with Apple and is its main rival for global hegemony in smartphones and tablets.”

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[Attribution: MacRumors. Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]

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      1. Sorry to disagree. The anti-semitic call is dishonest and mis-leading. People of conscience world-wide are boycotting a political system that confiscates land and subjects the people living in the Occupied Palestinian Territories to a miserable, brutal, colonial occupation. That’s what is racist.

        1. Disagree with anything israeli and you are an anti-semite. Didn’t you get that memo? BTW, my son has been unable to sing Xmas carols and hymn’s at his school for the last three years. Give you one guess as to why.

          1. Nobody is talking about the Occupy movement here except for you, Figurative. You appear to be mistaking the Occupy Wall Street – inspired movement and a 44 year-old military occupation – that a growing number of people are no longer willing to tolerate. Raymond, your point is well taken, by the way. Social change isn’t easy. It took 40 years to overcome apartheid in South Africa, for instance. But perhaps this is not the best forum to discuss politics, and so I will calmly move on. Happy Computing.

    1. It’s the BDS campaign that’s “morally flawed”. If you’re going to boycott, don’t just do the easy things that leave you feeling morally smug. Go ahead and drop products from IBM, Cisco, HP, Intel, J&J, Siemens, Sandisk, Google, Paypal, GE and a whole lot more because they *all* develop in Israel. (Microsoft too if you care.) The Intel CPU in your Apple was developed in Israel. (They’ve also got a number of major foundries there.) So was the USB keychain drive in your pocket.

  1. This has all the earmarkings of a pump and dump. Anobit is on the verge of extinction. It has run out of partners and doesn’t have the cash to move forward.

    No deal with Apple has been consummated. Further, Apple never confirms “talks” until they have been successfully concluded. The author’s ‘sources’ are most likely his own vivid imagination.

    If Apple were in talks with Anobit, they’d be pissed as shit that there were leaks coming out of the Boardroom. That would be enough to stop further discussions.

    I see all of this as a weak attempt to attract a buyer, by suggesting that everybody’s nemesis, Apple, is interested.

  2. “Apple’s history with chips began in 2008”

    Incorrect. It started 1990 with ARM.

    “The Company was founded in November 1990 as Advanced RISC Machines Ltd and structured as a joint venture between Acorn Computers, Apple Computer (now Apple Inc.) and VLSI Technology.”

  3. Doing business in the Apartheid state of Israel is bad karma.

    FYI- before anyone accuses me or anyone else of being anti- anything, let me clairfy:
    I am not pro or anti any people group, but I am for fairness, justice and equality before the law. That is sadly not the case in Israel today and many Israelis know and acknowledge it.

    When Israel gets their sh*t together and decides to treat all it’s people fairly, those of us outside the country will stop pointing out this to the world.

    1. when you say “treat all it’s people fairly”, did you mean “allow an Arab judge to send a former Israeli president(!!) to 7 years of prison”? because that is just what happened a few of weeks ago. how about if you Learn the Real Facts for a change, stop listening to your Al Quaeda/Hamas propaganda, and let us, Israelis, give you a lesson or two about Democracy, Freedom, Civil Rights and Equality before the law.

      1. Did the Judge have a reason to send an Israeli ex-President to jail? If he has cause, then I have no problem.
        As to lecturing an American about Israel, when AIPAC stops dragging American politics around by the nose and holding our politicans hostage if they don’t support every last insane policy of the Likudnicks I’ll be happy to start ignoring the country the size of a county.

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