Apple to appeal lost U.S. court bid to block Samsung smartphone, tablet sales

“Apple Inc. filed notice that it will appeal a U.S. judge’s refusal to block sales of Samsung Electronics Co.’s 4G smartphone and Galaxy Tab 10.1 tablet computer,” Karen Gullo reports for Bloomberg.

“The Cupertino, California-based maker of the iPhone and iPad will seek review of a Dec. 2 ruling by a judge in San Jose, California, with the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in Washington, according to a Dec. 8 filing by Apple’s lawyer, Michael Jacobs,” Gullo reports. “Apple sought an order blocking Samsung from selling its Galaxy line of mobile devices products in the U.S. based on claims they violate Apple patents.”

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    1. Apple is having their greatest quarter in history, rockhead. Black Friday blew away all previous sales records. Behind a top legal team, they will win their share of cases. Get a clue.

    2. Losing based on what evidence moron? Losing a few court cases that clearly they should have won but WINNING on every other front in terms of record sales, majority of profits, incredible popularity and fantastic mind share is hardly a company in decline. Wishful thinking is not reality. And companies have the right to protect their innovations and keep copycat foreign companies from ripping them off. Go away stupid and transparent Toad, yah bother me.

  1. Apple is starting to look foolish as it racks up patent battle “losses” around the world. No one doubts that Apple’s ideas are being ripped off (as they have been throughout the history of the company) but the current legal systems either don’t seem to care or have no mechanism of policing such blatantly overt offenses.

    1. I don’t know about racking up losses, apple has a series of huge wins denying Samsung of many Euro. and the Aus. markets for most of the christmas season.

      And further, defending your property (win or loose) doesn’t make them look foolish in any case.

  2. The argument that looms over these decisions is that that competition is of greater importance than strict enforcement of patents. It is certainly part of all the iPhone/iPad wannabe’s filings.

    So if you get too successful at inventing the future, you will be hamstrung while thieves use your valuable property against you. If Apple’s great creations are not allowed protection, then the courts are punishing genius while fostering mediocrity, and undermining the logic and investment of the entire patent system.

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