Apple sweeps PCWorld Satisfaction Surveys for desktops, notebooks, smartphones, and tablets

“PCWorld readers like their iPhones. More survey participants own this model than any other phone, and an unusually high proportion of them praised its durability, ease-of-use, design, and camera quality in our 2011 Reliability and Service survey,” Mark Sullivan reports for PCWorld.

“But readers had little good to say about LG and Samsung phones, finding fault with their phones’ ease of use and with features such as design, touchscreen responsiveness, and overall speed,” Sullivan reports. “All of these results are drawn from our 2011 Reliability and Service survey of some 63,000 PCWorld readers. The other product categories covered in this survey were desktop PCs, laptop PCs, tablets, HDTVs, printers, and digital cameras.”

Apple laptop users gave their machines high marks for durability, support, and most features aside from ‘performance for the price,'” Sullivan reports. “Though a multitude of competing tablets have entered the marketplace, our results show that the iPad remains miles ahead of the pack in durability, ease of use, and features such as battery life, screen quality, and overall speed. In fact, Apple soaked up almost all of the high scores in those areas, leaving the rest of the field saddled with average or below-average scores on our survey measures.”

Sullivan reports, “Apple ruled the desktop PCs category, with top marks in reliability, service, and features (from product design to ports and connectivity).”

The winners of PCWorld 2011 Reliability and Satisfaction surveys are:

Desktop Reliability:
#1. Apple Macintosh

Desktop Features:
#1. Apple Macintosh

Deskptop Service and Support:
#1. Apple Macintosh

Laptop Reliability:
#1. Apple Macintosh

Laptop Features:
#1. Apple Macintosh

Laptop Service and Support:
#1. Apple Macintosh

Smartphone Reliability:
#1. Apple iPhone

Smartphone Ease of Use:
#1. Apple iPhone

Smartphone Features:
#1. Apple iPhone

Tablet Reliability:
#1. Apple iPad

Tablet Ease of Use:
#1. Apple iPad

Tablet Features:
#1. Apple iPad

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MacDailyNews Take: Clean sweep. Total domination. Job exceedingly well done, Apple employees!

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. I’m not surprised at this one bit.

    Bought a couple of 13-inch macbook pros in the last 2 months and all I can say is that hands down they are the best built machines I have ever owned. The quality is just there and you can feel it.

    I used to be a big fan of the Thinkpad. I picked up my T60 the other night to move it (out of the way) and just stood there for a moment holding it…. heavy…. first thought I had… I then opened the lid (haven’t done that since I got my macbook pro) and while I’d still say the keyboard might be slightly superior to the one on the macbook, everything else just felt outdated and cheap on the ThinkPad.

    I NEVER thought I’d feel that way about a Thinkpad… I’ve been using them and buying new ones like clockwork since the mid 1990s.

    1. In the issue just out, CR finally admits to recommending the iPhone — but ONLY the 4S. No kidding: The headline says, “At last, a new iPhone we can recommend.” And CR says the Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9 is the first to score as well as an iPad.
      Read it and puke. And, MDN faithful, please whip me for continuing to subscribe. And ask yourself, can a magazine that gets it SO wrong on technology even do a decent job of testing asswipes?

    2. It’s dangerous to overgeneralize, but it seems that CR reviews products from the perspective of its readers, who tend to be older and less willing to pay extra for quality. They’re more interested low prices than any other feature or quality.

  2. I wish Apple would somehow find the way to elegantly advertise this, especially about smartphones. People should know that if they buy a copycat, they do not really save anything, bur rather impose on themselves less quality, reliability, ease of use.

  3. I wanted to add something that happened the other day which to me has got to be the best endorsement I’ve witnessed yet to how well Apple has done making laptops.

    Visited my cousin who is a recent convert (he still has PCs, but its safe to say we could staple his iPad to his hands and he’d be quite content) – I brought my macbook pro with me so he could check it out. He is big on quality, the kind of guy that will point out the sound of a plastic laptop case flexing.

    I set it on the table and opened the lid and said “You won’t believe the quality of this thing. Use one hand and pick it up by the corner, you won’t feel anything flex, its solid”

    He reaches out, picks it up and just stands there for a second, then slowly rotates it up so he can see the bottom… still silent… then I hear it… a faint whisper… “Holy sh*t”

    1. Quality products will not win accolades on Wall Street. You should know that much by now. Wall Street prefers companies that sell substandard products at a low price. Wall Street views Apple as a company that has too much customer service overhead and spending too much time building products that consumers actually enjoy using. Wall Street prefers to back companies that build mediocre products for consumers.

      WS has already stated that Apple products will be commoditized by inexpensive and poorly-built Android devices, so winning some consumer satisfaction awards means nothing. Be prepared for Apple’s share price to drop when the quarter ends. In fact, it’s already started going down today while Amazon is heading up.

    1. One of them is fairly ignorant:

      “The other note is that I tell all the people i know to just buy a apple, if you dont know how to fix your computer, just buy a apple, if you dont want to deal with it breaking just buy a apple, if you dont want to deal with upgrading it just buy a apple.

      When a apple pc breaks you just go out and buy a new one, When It’s time to upgrade, you just throw the old one away and just go buy a new one.

      If you buy a pc, make sure you have some one that can teach you how to use it, if you dont just go buy a apple.”

      I know how to fix my Apple computers. My old G5 tower has been upgraded several times and now sports 1.5 TB of HD and 4 GB of RAM. It makes a wonderful file server and DVR. Over the years I’ve replaced or had Apple replace a hardrive or two, a DC input board, and a logic board. The hard drives ran about $250 with Apple labor included. The DC input board was $12, including labor. I have bought roughly 15 Macs over the last 10 years. I’ve sold a few. I’ve given some to the kids. I’ve repurposed one or two. But mostly they are still in service doing something, like my old G5 tower. I’ve NEVER thrown one away.

  4. Makes you wonder how those Apple haters can still go around proudly and arrogantly proclaiming that they would NEVER buy an Apple product even if it was the last brand on earth.

    Guess they love wasting their lives away fiddling with broken software and sub par hardware. I attribute most of their actions to a complete lack of creative ability and a lack of anything worthwhile they need to produce on their computers of choice.

    I compare Windows machines to a broken hammer. If given a choice between a new hammer and a broken one, there is only one conclusion one can draw about anyone who would choose the broken hammer. ;o)

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