More blood on Apple iPad’s touchscreen: Dell kills Streak 7, backs out of Android tablets in US

“Dell on Monday confirmed that it had stopped selling the Streak 7,” Electronista reports.

“The tablet is no longer available online and is withdrawing just months after Dell axed the Streak 5,” Electronista reports. “Like HP, Dell is believed to be putting most of its faith in Windows 8 tablets for the US market. It won’t have this option until mid-to-late 2012, however, and will essentially concede its share of mobile tablets for a year.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Dell. Constantly redefining failure.

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    1. They killed the Streak 5 first. That should be a lesson to all those calling for Apple to put a bigger screen in the iPhone.

      May all the bigger screened Androids go the way of the Streak 5!!!

  1. One more reason why sticking with the iPad is the safest bet. You know Apple will be around tomorrow. I almost feel bad for the suckers that purchased one of these. The good thing is that it must not been to many of them.

      1. Damn. I was just about ready to buy one of those Streak 7s to prove I’m not one of those prancing iPad-carrying sheeples. I guess I’d better get one of those $99 7″ Ainol tablets. Now, that sounds like a company that will be around forever.

  2. Its a friggin’ big shame Dell Streak production suddenly skidded to a halt because I was really holding out for a Streak/Zune hybrid. My dreams of possessing my very own brown streak are now sadly dashed. you could say pebble dashed almost.

  3. Dell’s losing streak continues unabated. Ever wonder now that Dell’s Android bolt-hole has closed, that should make Michael Dell Microsoft’s biggest bitch – he’s got nowhere to run.

    2.4% margins on every PC sale into perpetuity or until Dell shuts down the company and invests the money in Treasuries.

  4. When I went into a leading Phone Shop a while back and asked if they had one of these Dell products the staff did not want to demo it.

    They said it was in the safe and the battery was flat. They didn’t have keys to the safe and the Manager was at lunch. They showed no interest at all. Not that I really wanted one of course.

    1. I had a similar experience at AT&T the other day. Went poking around at the kindles while I was waiting… The screens were flickering between black and white and inverted white and black… They looked like the most broken pos I ever saw.

  5. “Dell on Monday confirmed that it had stopped selling the Streak 7”

    Yeah right, like they ever STARTED selling the Streak 7″. They may have put it on the website, but somebody has to buy it for you to sell it.

  6. Hey Apple Dudes and Dudedettes!

    Don’t cheer yet!
    Think about it: if you lived in a TOUGH NEIGHBOURHOOD which is SAFER for you to carry around, an iPad or a Dell Streak? Stats seem to show chances are higher for MUGGING if you carry an iPad!

    and people say there’s NO SUPERIOR ADVANTAGE of buying a Dell! Phaaff!

    1. Seems to me the mugger would be in paradise to steal an iPad and scarper off clicking his heels.

      On the other hand the mugger may turn very nasty if the device is a Kindle or a Dell or a Playbppk.

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