The reason why Apple uses integrated battery designs

“If we believe the vision for Apple expressed by Steve Jobs, it’s all about technology leading to the experience,” Douglas Perry reports for Tom’s Hardware.

“They are foremost about a cohesive experience that is enabled by technology,” Perry reports. “That would mean that the primary purpose of the non-removable battery in Apple’s gadgets is not to annoy you, or to deliver additional revenues to Apple stores. The purpose would be experience, right?”

Perry reports, “Well, that is what an Apple patent filing that describes an ‘integrated embedded battery’ appears to outline as well… The description of this specific embedded battery shows an extraordinary amount of attention to the goal of supporting the design of the device as experiences by the user.”

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  1. I’m a huge believer of integrated batteries, but I wish Apple would be more supportive of 3rd party chargers and external battery packs for the MacBook.

    For iOS devices, I have tons of options that work well, but it would be nice to see more MagSafe adapters and batteries.

  2. The reason for non-removable batteries has always been known: longer battery life.

    Instead of dedicating space to the housing and ejection mechanisms, they just use that space to put bigger batteries into their products, hence why Apple products almost always sport the best charge times in the business.

  3. What a joke. My iPhone 4s battery lasts about an hour and a half if you actually use the phone. Taking pictures? Video? You get an hour. Everyone knows it sucks. Who cares how thin the phone is if it doesn’t last long. Now I and everyone has to buy a bulky mophie. @$89. There is plenty of room for improvement. Why not just be the phone with the longest battery life???? Genius…. At least half the users Are asking for a bigger screen anyway. Put in a bigger friggin battery too!

    1. As a phone, it lasts as long as stated. If you are just checking web pages and sending the odd email, again it performs as stated.

      I think you are using the iPhone 4S as a game player using a game app that is very power hungry and using bluetooth. Don’t blame the phone for your poor battery life, look closer to home for the blame.

    2. It has to be said that if you use the iPhone for more than the basic calling, checking email, managing schedules, in other words basic PIM tasks, the phone does drain battery in double quick time. 

      Even when used as a music playing device if you talk for any length time you’ll be lucky if it lasts till 4pm without a recharge. I have it on Bluetooth all the time and can’t afford to use too many apps during the day without the risk of draining the battery before the end of the working day. 

      That’s without playing games or doing anything that taxes the 3G like maps and location services. Heck I even turn off 3G if I want to make it through the day. 

      Having that many apps is superfluous if you can’t make use of them without a permanent cord attached to the charger. It becomes no better than a desktop bound computing device. 

      A bigger screen together with a heftier battery pack is desperately needed for the iPhone 5.

      1. I have to call BS on your statement regarding music-playing. Playing music on the iPhone doesn’t drain the battery any faster than it would an iPod. I listen to roughly three hours of podcasts per day, plus maybe an hour or two of music, and I don’t have to charge the phone more than once every two or three days.

        Oh, and please shut the f*** up about your large screen fetish. It is getting really old.


            1. The 4S and 4 have exactly identical batteries. The 4S runs on two cores, the 4 on a single core. Both are under clocked by about 20% to preserve battery life. So what applies to the 4 carries across to the 4S. Besides the article talks about sealing in the battery, not the iPhone model.

              Learn to read or should I write in Greek for ignoramuses like you.

            2. You are very lucky to have a 4s last longer then 8 hours. My wife and I both love our 4s EXCEPT for battery life. I have to charge mine at lunch everyday or stop listening to music about 30-45 mins before work ends just so I’ll still have a phone.

          1. Reading your comments is by no means an enlightening experience, other than the fact that it’s painfully obvious you value your own opinions over someone else’s reality. Regarding “large screen fetishes,” is the (“sad”) old man having trouble seeing the the current screen?

        1. I won’t intervene (the last time I tried I lost an arm, and it’s taken some time to learn to type with just my right hand). Just explain why the four inch thing is so explosive, and I’ll be on my way.

      2. BLN:

        Oh no, not again. You are like an old worn-out record stuck in a groove. You have stated you complaint before but 50 times on the same subject is too tiring on the ears. Don’t be like an old hag complaining that no man appreciates your “pretty” face.

      3. It seems as though having bluetooth active throughout the day would drain the battery faster than simple phone use. Also, if you have an older iPhone (than a 4s), then perhaps your battery is not in optimal condition.

        When you mention having “a permanent cord” attached to your device, I’m gonna call bullshit. Even if you do have to recharge during the day, an hour or two of charge time should be more than enough.

    3. Seriously John, Do you really think anyone wants to listen to you whine like a little bitch for more than an hour and a half anyway…I bet 5 minutes is more than most can take of you…

    4. I don’t believe you. In fact I’ll call you a liar. I’ve had my iP4 on from 8am to 11pm on a trip to London on the train. For the journey up, about an hour and a half I was reading a book on the phone and listening to music, then the rest of the day I was taking photos and using various map apps, then I was sat in the station bar for two hours from about 6pm reading and listening to music, and the same in the train on the way back. The battery finally died twenty minutes from home. That was last February. You’re bullshitting and you know it.

    5. If your iPhone 4s battery is only lasting an hour and a half maybe you should take it to apple and have it looked at. i have the 4S and the battery lasts easily 3-4 hours before it even thinks about needing a charge. again if its a problem have it looked at don’t just complain.

    6. Troll alert!!!

      My battery lasts all day. I can even video record a 1.5 hour event (my sons hockey games last about that long, that’s how I know) and from a 100% on the battery it uses up 30% . So if that is anything to go by that’s means it could go for as long as 5 hours on something power intensive.

      1. Geez… Report a legit concern, and people freak…
        Not a troll, just a guy with a video production business, who has had about 30 Macs/Phones/Ipads over the last 18 years, who has stuck with Apple through thick and thin, has 255 shares of AAPL, and 2 beefs.. my Iphone 4GS battery life, where I actually would rather a thicker phone, bigger battery than to get stuck with a dead phone when needed, and NOT need to buy my third Mophie… and Beef Two,,, The FINAL CUT PRO X debacle… Who has less of a life, those with legit complaints, with ideas, or those who will defend anything Apple does with their time.. Knowing that Battery life is the bane of ALL phone makers, and that I have to believe EVERYONE would want longer battery life, why not be the phone that can claim INSANE battery life. Twice anyone else.. And I truly believe if it came at the expense of thickness, nobody would care since the first thing many do is put a CASE on their phone, or a extended battery case… making it not THIN… Glad to have ramped up the comments though.. ha.. one last comment..
        I’ll bet ANYTHING that the Iphone5 has a bigger screen, so the comment that only 11 percent want that is not true, and or those 89 percent will what? hate a bigger screen? nonsense…
        Have a nice day.

    7. No one’s really talked about what he’s got turned on in settings.

      “Full tilt” iCloud and iTunes Match alone — not to mention other variables like Bluetooth — can make a HUGE difference in battery time. I firmly believe (and have seen) that you can have a one-hour iPhone OR a 10-hour iPhone charge depending on what’s going on.

      Try turning all of these on at once:

      -itunes match including “show all songs”
      -icloud backup
      -wifi and bluetooth (some people have them on even when not using)
      -personal hotspot
      -push email
      -location services, diagnostics reporting, notifications

      Then browse the web and do emails while on the phone a bunch.

      I love my 4s and don’t usually have a battery issue (except for iTunes Match which is a killer without the rest).

      But user settings can make a huge diff.

    8. Like a few other people have said – if you’re having trouble with battery life, you should hightail it to the Apple Store to have it looked at. Also, this is not the best place to file a complaint – it’s just a “fan” based news site.

  4. And don’t dispute the ONE HOUR claim,.. I’ve charged my phone Twice today,,, and just had it at 100% about an hour ago,,, via sync, and it is at 52% now, All I did was surf THIS, and a few other sites… LITERALLY 50% now having only written this!…

    1. No one’s disputing your experience. But, you do have a bad device or a corrupt install if that’s all the time you’re getting.

      And don’t dispute what I’m saying cuz I’m 11 hours into my day and am at 47%. Only
      two short phone alls today. But, a decent amount of indoor 3G browsing & email in a weak area and 35-40 text messages.

    2. Noone is going to dispute anything, but we all wonder why you don’t just take it to the Apple Store and exchange it? Surely, you’re not that daft to put up with what is clearly defective. Are you so used to putting up with defective stuff that it hasn’t occurred to you to take it back?

      And, why haven’t you investigated why it’s using so much power? Have you tried looking at what processes are running? Have you tried shutting down all running apps and locations services and notifications to see if you can isolate the problem?

      No, then don’t b*tch and whine here, if you haven’t even done the basic troubleshooting. Noone is going to feel sorry for you.

        1. Several hundred complaints out of a user-base in the millions – may or may NOT indicate a ‘fundamental problem’. The Apple forums ARE a good place to check should one any sort of problem with their Apple device, though.

        2. The battery problem is not resolved by replacing the device? That means that ALL 4s’s have the problem … which I know isn’t true, because I have a 4s that easily makes it through the day without recharging.

  5. Believe me, I love the phone, It’s my third,,, I’ll have it checked… just have always, with the 3s, 4 and now 4s had to invest in a mophie… still the best phone anyway…

    1. I had to keep chargers in my car and at work for my 3G, but my iPhone 4 is so much better that the occasions I have to recharge during the day are far and few between.

      Even since my iPad died (sigh), and thus I’ve been using my iPhone more and more, I still don’t have trouble getting through the day.

      1. You know, I half-way believed you until this post.

        The 4s — at least some units — has a documented battery problem and it’s possible that you could have gotten one. But now you’re making the same claim against the 3GS (which you called the 3s) and 4. Those phones DIDN’T have the same problem.

        That, plus the sweeping generalizations from your first comment (“Everyone knows it sucks,” “Now I and everyone has to buy a bulky mophie” and “At least half the users Are asking for a bigger screen anyway”) cast considerable doubt on the authenticity of your claims.

        I note that your first comment was repeated (copy/paste) at the UK website to which this article is linked.

        You’re on a real crusade, aren’t you?

  6. I’m not disputing some people are having battery issues with their iphones but one ComputerWorld reader took the time to crosscheck the names of the complainers from one website and found that many of them were also registered with android sites and from their posts are android fans.

    steve Blackwell:
    “Of the 45 user/screen names and comments from 36 articles (324 Comments total), I found the following results:

    Of the 45 user/screen names 36 were unique users (as far as I could tell) Of the 36 users, 15 were obvious Android users complaining about ‘their’ iPhone battery or Siri problems. This is based upon reading posts of these 15 users on multiple pro Android sites. Many admit in posts that they hate Apple and would never buy one of their products. ”

    I have no idea how accurate this guy is but read it yourself and decide.
    Also it’s interesting that the recent ChangeWave Poll showed that 96% of 4S users are satisfied.

    1. Right now the battery issue is a “weak point” in the Apple phalanx, and I believe that point to be, currently, the point of incursion of the stealth trolls. Of course it’s a continuation of the Jihad of Platform Openness—loosely organized into cells; zealously devoted to their own banner while opposed to the Great Satan; sowing fear, uncertainty, and doubt.

      Now that MDN has developed actual political influence (as it appears), this little corner we inhabit is less sheltered than ever.

  7. iPhone Phaaafff!

    I’ve long solved my 4G with Flash Android’s insufficient battery life

    I’ve read all the advice given by android support sites like

    “Turn off Wifi, turn off flash, Turn off GPS, swich off google Calander, Turn off 4G, turn off 3G and use 2G, Turn off multitasking, Turn off bluetooth, Turn brightness and Sound to lowest level and turn off Wallpaper.”

    NOPE I’ve got a BETTER solution:


  8. This integrated battery (they’ve been doing it for a few years) is the biggest thing holding me back from a new Mac purchase. Can I just use a MBP (or an Air) as a main computer, constantly plugged into the wall? it seems like that’s a terrible way to kill battery… Any advice?

    1. Buy a macbook, enjoy it.
      With lithium ion or lipo it dosent matter, they will deteriorate regardless so might as well use em’

      Its 4 screws and a clip to take out the bat on the 2011 mbps.

  9. All their “customer experience” claims are mere spin doctoring. The replacement battery industry was long a bane of Steve Jobs who saw it as a mountain of money going to undeserving third parties. By designing custom non-replaceable batteries, Apple garners another profitable sale, plus the labor to install it, *and* the ability to crow their in-house battery recycling program is “greener”. It also guarantees more returning traffic to Apple stores.

    1. “a mountain of money”???
      Do you know how many people actually EVER need a replacement for their battery? I have heard of none, and I know an awful lot of people using MBAs and MBs. Sure there are defective devices needing replacement, but mostly that is covered by warranty. A business for Apple? Get real!
      If you have many of these conspiracy theories, there are prescription drugs that may help you. Consult a doctor – in your case maybe a psyciatrist – and relief (for all of us) can be as close as that phone call.

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