Owners survey shows iPhone 4S with Siri more popular than iPhone 4

A new ChangeWave Research survey of iPhone 4S owners shows customer satisfaction ratings for the latest Apple smartphone are higher than for its predecessor, the iPhone 4. ChangeWave Research is a division of The 451 Group.

The November 2-9 ChangeWave survey of 215 Apple iPhone 4S owners looked at their thoughts and opinions of the new device – including overall satisfaction with it, key likes and dislikes, dropped calls, and the impact of the iPhone 4S battery life issue.

Overall iPhone 4S customer satisfaction ratings show a high degree of approval – with 77% of owners saying they’re Very Satisfied and 19% Somewhat Satisfied with their new iPhone. Only 2% of owners say they are Unsatisfied with it.

Overall iPhone 4S customer satisfaction ratings

These iPhone 4S satisfaction ratings are higher than those found in a July 2010 survey of iPhone 4 new owners, as this chart points out.

iPhone 4S vs. iPhone 4 customer satisfaction ratings

We also asked iPhone 4S owners about the specific features they like best about their new smart phone, and by a wide margin the Siri Digital Assistant (49%) ranks number one. General Ease of Use (39%) is the second most liked feature, followed by the 8 Megapixel Camera with LED Flash (33%).

Top iPhone 4S Likes

When we looked at what new owners disliked most about their iPhone 4S, two things dwarfed all others – Battery Life and the Lack of 4G. A total of 38% of owners say the iPhone 4S’s Battery Life is Too Short, while 30% say they dislike the Lack of 4G Capability. Only one other dislike reached into the double digits – Screen Size (11%).

ChangeWave iPhone 4S dislikes

To gauge the actual impact of the battery life issue on new iPhone 4S owners, we asked them to tell us if they had experienced reduced battery life with their device.

Two-in-five owners said they had experienced reduced battery life with their iPhone 4S (40%). But when asked how much of a problem this issue was for them, only 8% of all owners said it was a Very Big Problem while 20% said it was Somewhat of a Problem.

We note that shortly after the survey was completed, Apple released a software update to their iOS 5 operating system which, among other things, was aimed at improving the iPhone 4S’ battery life.

Source: ChangeWave Research, a division of The 451 Group

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  1. Siri is tha bane of all other smart phone mfgs. More so to Google, who now have to deal with Siri disruptions to both their Mobile OS and their Ad revenue.

    I really see no solution for either problem, especially short term. Long term is even bleaker as Siri is sure to be added to the arsenals of more Apple products.

  2. Until surveys show that a substantially greater number than 100% of owners are satisfied with their iPhone, I am underwhelmed. Even people who have not bought iPhones should be satisfied with them!

    1. Android smartphones have 100% user satisfaction because they’re capable of doing everything an iPhone can’t especially running Adobe Flash. Apple indeed has some catching up to do with iPhone user satisfaction.

  3. These results are very odd. I’m fairly certain that when the iPhone 4S was announced, everyone said it was a major disappointment and Siri was one of the worst gimmicks Apple ever tried to pass off as being useful. Clearly no iPhone 4 user would ever consider upgrading to the iPhone 4S because the iPhone 4S was basically leftover stew being reboiled and passed off as fresh stew. After all, it looked exactly the same as the 16 month old iPhone 4 and only had teeny, tiny internal component upgrades. I can only say that someone is lying or perpetrating a major fraud. Everyone in the world wants a smartphone that has at least a 4.5″ display, so how can the iPhone 4S possibly have a high satisfaction rating.

  4. So much for “Oh, why the screen is not 5″?” moans and groans: only 11% care that much about the screen size.

    And once they would actually try bigger screen and understand that they have to use second hand much much more often than with the old smaller size, then major part of these 11% might change their mind.

    1. That is assuming that every single one of those 11% consider the screen too small, which is a very questionable assumption.

      There are very many women I know who own an iPhone and complain (just a bit) about it being too bulky, almost brick-like.

      For every “Ballmer’s Left Nut” out there who craves four inches (or more), there is likely a women for whom even 3.5 inches is too big (just to make it clear, we’re talking about the screen size, measured diagonally…).

      1. I agree, a year ago I bought iPhone 4 year ago to my mother, and she says me it is too big.

        But I considered “the worst case scenario”, where “everybody wants big screen”.

        The width of the phone is critical. Apple can perfectly make 4″ screen device with the same size of the phone, with the same width — 1132×640 resolution. However, to avoid software fragmentation, the additional 172 lines above and below standard 960 would have to be reserved for only iOS functions, browsing, wide-screen playback.

      2. Coming from a 3GS to a 4S, I have to say the 3GS was much easier to handle one-handed. The 4S just does not cradle into the hand as naturally (to allow the thumb to roam the screen) because it’s all flat surfaces except at the corners.

        That and battery life are my only real hardware complaints. The camera is just kick-ass for a cell phone, one or two Androids are claimed to be better but I haven’t seen anyone with them to compare shots against.

        1. Yes, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS are more ergonomic in shape. iPhone 4/4S design has more expensive look and feel of “an old Leica camera”, as Jobs said, and due to new less ergonomic design the device became thinner, and outer antenna better handles weak cell signals.

        1. And the results for the request for a “meeting at teen anal” are:

          Singapore Bloggers;
          Swingers Swap Sex Partners in Singapore;

          The next one was almost as funny (not as awkward, though):

          Stain Detector Simo (translated from Microsoftian, it means “Send a Text to Simone”)…

          Let us not forget, Siri actually answers with an Australian accent!

    1. On more serious note, anyone can switch on auto mode for Siri, so this service would wait for you moving the phone to your ear to automatically listen to your requests.

      In this case you will not be losing time by pressing the button and waiting for Siri to activate, and you will not look weird talking to your phone — you will look as if you talk to somebody (Siri on Apple’s service, in this case ;)) over the phone.

  5. As far as I’m concerned, no 4″ screen, no sale. Siri is a comical gimmick to draw in the curious and the uninformed. I’m going to stick with my 4 until the 5 with a 4″ screen is released. Upgrading from a 4 to a 4S shows a distinct lack of judgement in my opinion.

  6. Yes MDN, we know the 4S has Siri. We know what it is and that is awesome. Now would you please stop obviating that in every single iPhone-related headline? (Especially “Siri-less”, that’s annoying)

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