Android permissions flaw allows eavesdropping, data theft, location tracking

“Researchers have found multiple holes in Android phones’ permissions-based security that would allow a hacker to snatch data, monitor geolocation, send SMS messages, and even eavesdrop on conversations,” Lisa Vaas reports for Naked Security. “A group of security researchers from North Carolina State University found the glitches in eight handsets from HTC, Motorola, Samsung and Google.”

“The glitchy code lies within interfaces and services added by the phone manufacturers to beef up stock firmware from Google,” Vaas reports. “These capability leaks constitute ‘a tangible security weakness for many Android smartphones in the market today,’ they said. And, they added, the snazzier the phone, the buggier the picture, given that the more pre-loaded apps are present, the more likely the gadget is to have explicit capability leaks.”

These are the eight Android smartphones they tested and found to be at risk:

* Legend
* EVO 4G
* Wildfire S

* Droid
* Droid X

* Epic 4G

* Nexus One
* Nexus S

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “proudy.timms” for the heads up.]

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    1. Open like leaving the door open from your house for the rest of the people to just come in and see what’s going on. As stupid as that is google seems to think its smart and their fans too they just don’t get it.

  1. Now let me get this straight: does this affect Ice Cream Sandwich, or other Android variants, such as Gingerbread, Gooey Jelly-filled Doughnut, Banana Split Sundae or other really stupid names? Android is a train wreck. Every damned time I see the stupid Metro PCS “Get yourself an Android” commercials, I want to vomit.

    Android, like Windows, is proof that we live in a world where people have no taste and act like sheep.

    1. Maybe.

      Its software that manufacturers have added to Android on the specific devices.

      If they shipped the same software with no changes on an Android 4 device I’d expect the same issues to be there.

  2. Of the millions of phones sold, what percentage of users know how to Root their phone?

    This small percentage of savvy consumers are the most vocal at downplaying any threat – they sound almost as passionate as Mac users – and in light if their own safe, small corner of the platform, offer little hope for the other 90-percent, who are left to doubt their choice of phones.

    1. I’d wager 1% to 2% of the users know how to root their phones and a good 1% is a very vocal group who are sold on a philosophy with Android tied to Open Source philosophies.

      I like to say I’ve met a few really crazy users from every platform. they can be ‘interesting’ at times, annoying at others. lol.

  3. more anti android rants!

    I’m not listening anymore!
    I’ve got fingers in my ears and humming…

    “na na na nah, na na nah… ”

    I’m not hearing you…
    “na na nah, na na nah… “

  4. Legend, Wildfire, Droid, Epic, Nexus.

    Are these manufacturers aiming these devices at 14 year olds? These names are so childish. This goofed for the Google Android team too that keeps coming up with stupid release names. Makes wanna puke every time.

    The new google phone: Super Epic Mega Droid Sandwich!

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