Best Buy TV ad: We have all the Apple products (with video)

Best Buy has debuted a new television ad currently airing on U.S. broadcast and cable networks that highlights how the retails carries “all the Apple products.”

(Depending on which Best Buy you happen to be in, of course. – MDN Ed.)

In the ad, “mom” takes on Santa as she provides all of the Apple-branded gifts from Best Buy and even defiantly downs old Saint Nick’s glass of milk:

MacDailyNews Take: Not that long ago, the idea of even a Best Buy newspaper insert touting that they have “all the Apple products” would have be laughed off by many as too incredible to be believed.


    1. I’m a huge fan of Best Buy! They’re the only ones that have approved me for a line of credit. I don’t get these stores that reject people. I have good credit; never missed a payment in the 2 years I’ve had my secured credit card. My credit utilization always under 20% and I’ve been very responsible. It’s their loss I suppose.

      1. Did you wrote something on Facebook or people who know you wrote about you questionably?

        Now banks and sales chain love to search Facebook and whole internet about you before arranging credit line.

      2. Also if you don’t use the credit you qualify for.. Banks/lenders don’t like that either.

        My parents found that out when they owned a motorcycle shop years ago.
        Example: a guy couldn’t qualify for a bank loan for $15 for 2 bikes and some acc. Duetshe bank.
        So he whipped out a personal check and bought extra. (the guy owns a silver mine in Alaska… ) He has the cash but since he pays cash for everything.. Banks don’t think he can deal with credit.

        Screwed up system.

  1. Not all Best Buys carry everything. The built a new store a couple of years ago but built a small store. So when you go to buy most things (especially apple products-we are lucky if the have a airport express) they send you to another Best Buy. I found it saves time to just skip this Best Buy altogether. Thank you Best Buy on Tower Road

      1. Maybe you’re right. Sorry, but I can’t help but imagine Steve Ballmer underneath the white hair and beard. It might be due to a long-forgotten fright at Christmas as a young girl, similar to reported childhood traumas revolving around sinister clowns. Clowns who also resemble Ballmer…

        1. Fair enough, but why did you have to go and bring up clowns?
          Now I’ll be up Christmas Eve with my shotgun, waiting.
          (OK, it’s a pellet gun, but it’s a SAWED OFF pellet gun…)

  2. The big story here is the missed opportunity for making money. Best Buy and others selling Apple products could have replicated the Apple Store success a long time ago and made more money per square foot than they ever imagined.

  3. Most remarkable thing about this ad is that it sells Apple products exclusively. In other words, BestBuy is spending massive amounts of money for prime-time TV commercials, and Apple is the one benefiting from it.

    Simply amazing!

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