Beleaguered RIM liquidates BlackBerry PlayBook with employee-only $99 fire sale

“Does $199 sound like too much for the BlackBerry Playbook this holiday season? ” Joanna Stern asks for The Verge.

“RIM seems to think so, but only for its employees,” Stern reports. “According to multiple sources, the 16GB 7-inch tablet is now available to RIM employees through a special corporate portal for $99.”

Stern reports, “We have also been told that employees can only order up to eight models.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Why does beleaguered RIM hate their employees so?

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  1. $99 is not nearly enough to get me to use one of those things, they should offer at least $200 to anyone that is willing to suffer with that thing.

    Oh, wait a minute…
    Oh that’s just wrong!

  2. The big question is whether they’ll be able to clear inventory this way. It will essentially pit company loyalty against common sense. Is RIM’s staff loyalty that powerful? I’d be surprised if it were.

  3. ““We have also been told that employees can only order up to eight models.””

    Huh? RIM limits their purchase to 8? THey should limit it to one to keep it less painful.

  4. Only another twenty nine more warehouses to go. RIMs next move will be to give away a PlayBook with a every BB purchase. At this rate they’ll clear back inventory by end of 2015.

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