Enterprise Shootout: iOS vs. Android vs. Windows Phone ’07

“The iPhone and Android phones are pecking away at BlackBerry market share like vultures on roadkill, especially within the walls of the enterprise,” Fritz Nelson reports for InformationWeek. “Even Windows Phone 7 is gaining some momentum, thanks to a compelling user experience and a healthy and growing list of apps.”

“It’s time, therefore, to take a closer look at the contenders to replace the BlackBerry. For several weeks, I’ve been testing the iPhone 4S (AT&T), Google’s Android (Gingerbread version) running on a Samsung Galaxy SII (a T-Mobile version and one from AT&T,) and Windows Phone 7.5 running on an HTC Radar 4G (T-Mobile) and the Nokia Lumia 800 (not available in the U.S. yet),” Nelson reports. “I tried to truly use each phone on a daily basis, rather than spend my time pouring over specs and trying every feature. In other words, this comparison focuses on the usability and practicality of each platform.”

Nelson reports, “You can’t go wrong with any of these platforms, from an end user point of view. I chose the iPhone for now because it marries my personal and professional worlds in ways that no other platform can quite match.”

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  1. You can tell this doofus is a reluctant iPhone adopter. He gushes about Siri, yet says Android is a close second and could even overtake the iPhone with the Galaxy Nexus. Doofus! He’s got Minka Kelly in reach but is trying to talk himself into Betty White.

        1. Not according to the Huffington Post, which insinuated that it was, rather, his performance at the plate: “A Yankees fan theorized that Jeter’s batting average had something to do with” the breakup.

          But my thought is that they broke up because she has Bad Taste in Shoes. Even in BLN’s prize video above, her feet are only shown barefoot.

          1. It never ceases to amaze me that women actually think men look at shoes. That’s about the last thing I’d notice… and not care! Funny thing is, you go to the mall and all the women are wearing the exact same flip flops, like they all just walked off an assembly line.

            1. But auramac, you contradict yourself: you say that’s the last thing you’d notice…then you say you’ve observed all the women there wearing the same thing.

              Your inner woman is beginning to influence you.

  2. This was a bizarre “shootout”. No one was shot. I read this earlier this morning and didn’t bother to forward it to MDN because there were no real conclusions. Maybe it should have been called “My Vague Overview of Smartphones”. Not sure what an enterprise specifier is supposed to glean from this.

    1. While the real world is much more nuanced than MDN makes it out to be, it’s plainly obvious that this level of puddle-deep “review” is again becoming more prevalent in the ad-supported online world. It was obvious in print and TV media, but the wild-west internet was supposed to change all that. Nope. Here’s more narrow-minded blather from flyweight reviewers.

      Consider this passage:
      “Google has almost all of the apps that I use on the iPhone, including Zeo Sleep Manager, Trapster, iMapMyRide, Whole Foods, Southwest Airlines, HBO Go, Hulu Plus, Read It Later, SkyGrid, Seafood Watch, Wells Fargo, and Bank of America–none of these are yet available on Windows Phone 7.

      For all of these examples, I’m sure someone will point out the dozens of iPhone apps that are ONLY available on the iPhone. I’m sure it’s true. But unless your life revolves around your phone, I have to question how much it matters. I had only a small handful of disappointments on any given platform.”

      In short: the reviewer has his favorites, and since this article is all about HIM, not HIS READER, he can’t be bothered to consider the big picture or make it clear what platform offers by far the best experience (hint: iPhone). Total lack of objectivity and even worse presentation of fundamental differences.

      This review and thousands like it draws no conclusions and offers no solid consumer guidance, and only the most superficial of product criticisms for fear of offending a major advertiser. Bottom line: everything is “about equal”, and the reviewer is too lazy to put forth any more effort beyond that. How pathetic.

  3. OK,
    I have an iPhone 4S, a Samsung Focus (WP7) on ATT and an Epic 4G Touch (Samsung Galaxy SII) on Sprint.

    Hands down the iPhone is the best of the bunch by almost every metric. The only thing the others have is a larger screen.
    The WP7 phone has a smoother interface than Android but limited applications. The Android has a lot of apps, but the interface frustrates the hell out of me. Constantly searching for settings to fine tune the damn thing is maddening.
    I am replacing the Focus with the new HTC Titan so I can get a feel for the faster phones.

    Yes, I know… I have a problem.

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