iChristmas: ‘Tis the season for Apple’s revolutionary iPad

“Nielsen released the findings of a U.S. Survey where they were hoping to discern what electronics products will be hot for the 2011 holidays,” Ben Bajarin reports for Tech.pinions. “Among kids, not terribly surprising, was the iPad atop the list for kids aged 6-12 ranking an all time high with 44% naming the iPad as their most desired product for holiday 2011.”

Consistent with U.S. kids’ 2010 wish lists, the Apple iPad is the most desired consumer electronic among kids ages 6-12 for holiday 2011. In fact, the iPad increases its stronghold, with nearly half (44%) of kids expressing interest in the product, up from 31 percent in 2010. Two other popular Apple devices – iPod Touch (30%) and iPhone (27%) – round out kids’ top three, with computers and other tablet brands each appealing to a quarter of younger consumers.

“I would like to point out how significant the reality is that our kids are growing up using tablets and more importantly touch computing platforms,” Bajarin writes. “This fundamentally sets the stage for the massive shift in computing we are anticipating over the next 5+ years.”

Bajarin writes, “What is interesting as well in this category is that Apple owns the top three categories in this age group, a significant change over the same survey last year. Again young US consumers, and I would argue in other parts of the world as well, Apple is gaining as a desired brand.”

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  1. My 8yo’s have pretty much taken over the iPad for watching Netflix and games. We have a 42inch HD tv in the living room with an Apple TV, so they could watch Netflix there, but they still choose to watch it on the couch huddled together under a blanket. And, yes, I have age restrictions on Netflix and check the watched list regularly.

  2. I am new in Oz and not sure how they refer to senior school. But what I find interesting is that some private schools are specifying that iPads are school children’s only computer.
    I find that interesting. I think of iPads more as an accessory for people who have to do serious computing.

  3. Apple would have it made if children got larger allowances. Unfortunately, the parents will buy their children a Kindle Fire because it’s more practical and reasonable in price.

    1. And they’ll get the same response I got back in the day when I bought my (then middle-schooler) a non-iPod mp3 player as a gift.

      “Thanks, but It’s not an iPod, mom… ”

      Clueless (at the time) mom, returned the never-was-going-to-be-used POS non-iPod mp3 player in favor of an iPod the next day.

      I see decent sales for the Fire before Christmas … and miles-long return lines the day after Christmas.

    2. Practical and reasonable doesn’t explain the Kindle.

      More like practically useless but it’s cheap explains the overhyped overblown Kindle.

      Parent, don’t make that mistake by getting a cheap POS like a Kindle.

  4. Our youngest kids have grown up using the iPad. It’s been amazing for our five year old who has Down Syndrome. It’s made a huge impact on his communication skills. But we’ve also seen how our kids are learning a new way of interacting with technology when our three year old walked up to our TV and tried to navigate a DVD menu by touch. It was priceless. He was convinced that the TV was broken 🙂

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