‘Occupy Flash’ seeks to rid world of Adobe Flash

“Occupy Flash is a movement started by a small handful of independent Web developers who want to end the reign of Adobe’s Flash Player plug-in in Web browsers,” David Goldman reports for CNN.

“Among the movement’s complaints are that Flash is ‘buggy,’ ‘crashes a lot,’ ‘requires constant security updates,’ and ‘doesn’t work on most mobile devices,'” Goldman reports. “Occupy Flash says that the plug-in’s time has passed, and that HTML5 ‘has clearly won the fight for the future of our web browsing.'”

Goldman reports, “To wipe out Flash, Occupy Flash proposes that everyone disable or uninstall the plug-in from their browsers… The website provides links and instructions to help Web users to get rid of the Flash Player from their browsers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: “Flash must die.” – MacDailyNews, February 5, 2010

Welcome aboard!

(But please use the Porta-Potties and don’t talk to any media unless you’re coherent.)

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “plastikm” for the heads up.]


    1. Yeah, much as I hate flash, I have to admit that Adobe has never advocated using violence to make productive people be enslaved to pay them a “living wage” for staying at home “even if they don’t have a job” and a Trillion for “environmental causes” etc.

      Adobe has never demanded a handout at the point of a gun… unlike the Occupy Wall Street people.

      1. Neither the “Maoist” nor the hippie dippy claimed to be Irag vets.

        That said, believe it or not, some of our Iraq vets are bottom-of-the-barrel end-products of American public schools. By that, I mean that ultra-unionized public education failed them miserably and has negatively impacted their entire lives.

        1. All school should prepare us for is the work environment (ranging from job performance to interacting with others in the work place). Once we start down the career path, our public schools make up less and less of our cumulative learning experience. Even the veterans who attended “ultra-unionized” public schools had a means by which to change their lives. This means included a simultaneous career and education. Being that an end-product is inclusive of the management of ALL inputs (not just the initial inputs), a veteran would never be an “end-product” of public education…………..since they received additional education in the military. How about parents start being held accountable? Upbringing and character counts for far more than public education ever will. While public schools CERTAINLY need an absurd level of makeover, they are not the root cause. If people act on their supposed passion about the education of their children, public schools will have no choice but to change……………………………….. or die out.

      2. how the hell did you get “iraq Vets” from that video?

        I don’t care who the two are in the video, what their story is etc. the two of them are idiots.
        the second guy is spouting the same argument people use to say the Holocaust didn’t happen… nobody is around to prove it. To many people can’t grasp history, if it didn’t happen in their lifetime… it must be lies and never happened.

  1. I’m all for having rich media work on all devices, but when I’m on my laptop or desktop, I’d rather see advertising in Flash than a static jpg.

    If Flash were killed tomorrow, could advertisers still create engaging ads with HTML5 (spare me the “I block Flash ads” party line, we still need online advertising to help pay for most websites that offer decent content, this one included)?

    1. My browser doesn’t need the overhead of some idiot advertiser needing Flash animations to flail his arms about yelling “Look at me!! Look at Me!!! It’s a crutch. I think magazines got along nicely for years with static pics and classy layouts. Animation is oversold as geeks try to convince advertisers they need it. And I roll my eyes waiting for a site to open with an elaborate Flash animation opening. Just get me there quick dammit!!! This stuff no longer impresses but annoys.

    2. I block flash.

      Oh wait you didn’t want to hear that 😉
      The moving distracting ads are one of the reasons Adblock and clicktoflash etc exist.

      A site has a big banner moving across the screen while I’m trying to READ the webpage…. I scroll the ad off the screen to remove the damn annoyance.
      I put up with static ads, they do not distract the reader.

      Walk the strip in Vegas, those guys with the escort ads slapping them on their hands.. The second the slapping distracts you and you give them eye contact, they can legally give/force you the ad.

      Flash ads are the same to me.

    3. B.P., of course they can. I cycling forum I spend a lot of time on has lots of advertising on it to keep it going, and when I first used an iPhone to access it there were lots of broken links where ads should be. Lots of people bitched about Flash slowing down their computers, and several got banned for openly advocating the use of AdBlocker. Now, all the ads show perfectly on an iPhone or iPad, and no-one complains about their CPU cycles running amok.

      1. I guess that’s what we’ll be seeing—online ads using toned down animations done in HTML5. If something more complex is required, it’ll sit in a video wrapper.

        @Peter and FTB, thank you for having the reading comprehension skills of a 6 yr. old. and wasting my time forcing your opinions down my throat after I explicitly asked you not to reply with a rant.

    1. You know what I mean?

      Uh, no, not really. I fail to see how having Homeland Security on the rail system interferes with her getting an education or looking for a job.

      That’s the problem with these Occupy people – they want to protest, but they really don’t know what to protest and they certainly don’t have any solutions or suggestions beyond take the money from the 1% and give it to the 99% (but don’t let homeless people eat from their buffet lines at the protest sites!).

  2. Go to Apples iPod Nano web site.

    Look at the page carefully and then focus on the Micky Mouse Watch bottom left.

    Is that Flash?

    That pretty much demonstrates no one needs Flash for web animation. HTML5 will do just fine,

    BTW I saved that as a web clip on the Mac, set the check box to play audio outside of the Dashboard, and I have a real Micky Mouse time clock that keeps time and is working every time I check it.

    That is another neat feature of HTML5.

  3. Flash has been an awesome tool over the years for designers and developers who desire precise creative layouts, unique interactivity and a better chance for consistency. Flash thrived because browser developers refused to adopt a decent set of web standards and still aren’t on the same page when it comes to consistency. I have developed hundreds of Flash and HTML websites throughout the years. Still, the continuing need for coding hacks and browser work-arounds when not using Flash, even when following web standards, boggles my mind. Finally, things are coming together with HTML5/CSS3 and Flash’s time is coming to an end, but the design & development process is still a fucking mess.

    I support web standards and the move away from Flash, but let’s hurry the fuck up with adopting web standards and retiring old browsers already!

    1. “Flash thrived because browser developers refused to adopt a decent set of web standards and still aren’t on the same page when it comes to consistency”
      Not quite. Flash thrived because the world almost handed the entire web experience to Internet Exploder 6. At one point almost 10 years ago it was over 95% browser share. Those were the dark ages of web design–you couldn’t do jack shit on it. Only after Firefox started stealing the show from the stagnant POS that was IE6 did things start getting better, though I agree that even now things aren’t 100% consistent among the standards-based browsers.

  4. We need to make sure we understand one thing: Flash is a pretty heavy development platform. It allows developers to build quite complex applications, which can be seen at all those interactive sites for kids (playhousedisney.com, pbskids.org, nickjr.com and similar). Without Flash, these sites would simply have no alternative to deliver such content through the browser.

    Having said that, though, vast majority of Flash content online today falls into two categories:

    1. Animated banner ads
    2. Wrappers for streaming video

    Both of these can easily be replicated with almost no loss in functionality, using other standard technologies (AJAX, DHTML, HTML5, etc).

    As such, Flash may continue to exist for those who really need it. However, it is time to take aggressive action and eliminate it from those places where the content can be replicated by means of built-in browser standards.

    Luckily, Adobe threw in the towel with mobile plug-in, which means that the total number of web-enabled devices that support browser-based flash (i.e. desktop computers running Windows or Mac OS) will actually be smaller than the total number of devices without browser-based flash plug-ins (iOS and Android mobile devices). If content developers can’t read the writing on the wall, their content deserves to be ignored or broken.

    1. But the problem with using Flash for those sites (or as the home page for many other sites, like many car makes have done) is that you can’t view them on your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad. And that’s why it needs to change, and change quickly.

  5. The oracle at Delphi told Chaerephon that there was no one wiser than Socrates. Socrates believed this was due to his awareness that he did not think he knew what he did not know. When one lives a life of humble inquiry, even the mundane becomes an opportunity for clarity and wisdom.

    The aggressive dismissive attitude toward the Tea Party and the Occupy movement are understandable. It can be comforting to make fun of people. It is also frightening for people who require convenient boxes to put people in, to see a movement that doesn’t make instant demands.

    I invite you to see the value in process. The longer the occupy movement resists being absorbed by parties and organizations, the more solid it will become in articulating what is needed. The longer there are ongoing face to face conversations between people in public spaces the better.

    1. While I disagree that the Occupy movement will ever gain some clarity in articulating any sort of message, and especially not useful alternative solutions, I do agree that it can’t just be shut down because people don’t like it.

      However, the Occupy people need to transform how they’re protesting. The overnight camping is not possible long term – too many diseases, crime, and sanitation problems. And it is precisely because Occupy is such a loose, anti-organization that these problems exist. There’s no one to enforce any kind of rules other than the local police, and we have seen how well that has been received. Plus, much more attention was being drawn to the alleged sexual assaults, drug use, pooping anywhere and throwing it around, barring homeless people from receiving any of the Occupy food, etc. that any semblance of a coherent message was no longer getting out.

      So Occupy can protest until their heart’s content, but they need to do it in a smart, safe, sanitary manner.

      1. Delicious, this is what dialogue looks like 🙂

        Thank you Bizlaw and just plain cake. Bizlaw, I appreciate your concern and perspective. I would prefer to explore each of your points but I am tired.

        Suffice to say that when our society channels people away from common areas and provides no alternative the pressure builds up. There is a fascinating history around who owns common areas in American and European history.

        I visited one occupy camp and did not see the behavior you described. I did see a news report that focused on odd behavior and skipped over the main part of what was going on there. This is not to say there are not problems, just that the news coverage I have compared to my experience has been absurdly biased.

        I am sorry we can not sit down face to face to compare notes.



  6. I am sure you could wander around ANY gathering and find more than a couple feeble minded souls who have no idea why they are there. These films and Youtube submissions cannot be used as examples by which to judge an entire movement. I remember dozens of city council and school board meetings over the years that suffered from the fools and idiots that used the forum to be heard. What they had to say had little to do with what we legitimate attendees were trying to accomplish.

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