New Verizon iPhone ad mocks AT&T, Sprint coverage (with video)

A new ad from Verizon features Apple’s iPhone and mocks the coverage areas offered by rivals AT&T Mobility and Sprint Nextel.

In the 30-second Tv spot, lifejacketed shipwreck survivors are stranded “just offshore” with their iPhones and attempt to make calls for rescue.

Only one of the party can place a call and, sure enough, he’s using an Apple iPhone for Verizon.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews readers too numerous to mention individually for the heads up.]


  1. Funny. Except that I made a trip to the Grand Canyon and the only people on the tour bus complaining they had no coverage were those saddled with Verizon’s antiquated, doesn’t even support basic needs such as simultaneous voice and data, network.

  2. Funny thing, standing on the deck of our rental house in the Dominican Republic, looking down at the town and out to sea–I had no trouble making calls on my AT&T iPhone. The rest of the group had Verizon. As they tried to make calls, their expressions were something to see. Downcast looks as they discovered their Verizon Blackberries didn’t work.

  3. The most important point one can take away from this ad is that the carriers are now spending money on ads where they promote the “dumb pipe” portion of their service. In other words, no more VFX-laden SciFi Droid plugs, no more Hero, MyTouch or others. The commercial clearly suggests that the iPhone is “THE” phone (everyone has it), and the only difference is whose dumb pipe is faster, or whose has better coverage.

    This is exactly where we (the consumers) want them (the carriers) to be.

    1. true.

      and the funny thing.. When Apple first came out with the iPhone, anyone remember how much the carriers and the media laughed at Apple… thinking they could change the carriers in any way?
      after all, it’s just a phone….

      the arrogance of Apple. 😉

    2. Yeah right. They finally made a new iPhone commercial after about 10 of those robotic Droid ads, including the much more thematic spot for the new Droid Razr. Nothing has changed here.

  4. All network operators can find any number of places where their system works well and their rivals systems don’t. That’s what happens with radio.

    It seems a rather odd choice of issue to base a marketing campaign on.

  5. The funniest thing is that everybody on the boat somehow got away from the boat with nothing but live preservers and un-cased un-protected iphones that somehow didn’t get wet (neither did the anything above the breast-line of any of the passengers). That’s the real luck of the story, not the coverage of the carriers. Pshaw!

    1. and don’t forget that not one of them thought of swimming to shore.. you know, that thing in the background behind the Verizon guy…

      it’s not like they were 15 miles out at sea, at best a mile from shore. (which BTW, would still have coverage with AT&T/Sprint if they had coverage at shore..)

  6. Lord knows when I jump overboard off a sinking ship, I’m holding my iPhone in the air so it doesn’t get wet. I got to play Angry Birds while I’m waiting to be rescued.

  7. At least the non-verizon guy is organized and thinking out of the box. The real question is: Would the Verizon guy drowned if he didn’t have service, while the AT&T guy would make a impromptu raft out of his pants?

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