Apple, China groups meet to discuss environmental concerns

“Environmental concerns continue to plague Apple and its suppliers in China,” Kelly Hodgkins reports for TUAW.

“Earlier this year, Apple was singled out in an environmental report called “The Other Side of Apple,” which detailed health, environment and safety issues at Chinese manufacturing facilities,” Hodgkins reports. “Apple met with some of its green critics over the summer, but its practices are still under fire.”

Hodgkins reports, “Apple reportedly met this week again with nine representatives from five Chinese environmental groups to discuss pollution from its suppliers… According to Li Li, the director of EnviroFriends, Apple said ‘it had already spoken to 11 supply firms and asked them to reform, and they’re in the process of initiating communications with the other four.’ Despite this effort, Li believed Apple was not sincere in its efforts to curb pollution. Not everyone was negative towards Apple’s response, though. Notable Chinese environmentalist Ma Jun said Apple’s efforts were ‘a major step forward.'”

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Lynn Weiler” for the heads up.]


  1. Knowing China’s consistent reputation, please explain to my why Apple trusted China to respect the environment.

    IOW: Shipping manufacturing out of the USA and over to China does not equate to ethical conduct.

    Dear Apple: Please get the HELL out of China.

    1. I do believe Apple should manufacture its products in the US if possible, however, I’ve always wondered if it actually is possible right now.

      Is there an American manufacturer who has the technology to take on Apple’s products? Or would Apple have to build its own factories? Given that nearly all high-tech items are manufactured in Asia, I believe this to be a valid question. And I don’t think Apple has much interest in owning its own factories.

      1. I personally don’t see Apple moving to US manufacturing at this point. The incentive to be part of the Slave Wage Labor Movement is far too strong.

        However, I see NO REASON for Apple to be spooning money into the despicable mouth of China. There are MANY other countries with cheap and competent labor. It’s good to see Foxconn diversifying into Brazil. I hope Apple take advantage of this as a method of getting the HELL out of China.

        USA: We have no worse enemy in the world than China. Oh and look, they have us financially by the BALLS. Every dollar we spend on ‘Made In China’ stuff is another dollar headed into their already massive military and cyberwar machine. How does that make you feel?

    2. The article gives me the impression these are Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) that Apple is talking with.

      Knowing China’s consistent reputation, the government is probably watching their every move, maybe even imprisoning members.

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