Why Android phones can’t compete with Apple’s iPhone on specs

“For the last year or so, the biggest selling point Android phones had versus the iPhone is that they’re big; they have big screens, big processing power, and big RAM chips and flash memory. They also supported Adobe’s mobile Flash plugin, while the iPhone did not,” Jared Spurbeck writes for Yahoo News.

“But Adobe just gave up on mobile Flash. And a big part of the reason that Android phones pulled so far ahead is because component shortages delayed the iPhone 4S’ launch by half a year. Once it was released, it blew away all Android phones in raw benchmarks, and even most Android tablets,” Spurbeck writes. “And while the Galaxy Nexus and other phones of its ilk may be able to pull ahead soon, the fight to compete with the iPhone on specs is one they can’t win in the long run, because…”

• Some specs are worthless: Or else worth less than you thought they were when you bought your phone. An example would be the huge screens that most high-end Android smartphones ship with. Bigger is better, right? Not so fast. Have you ever tried to use a 4.5 inch screen one-handed? The iPhone’s 3.5 inch screen hasn’t changed in size since its launch, and it’s also — coincidentally — just the right size to touch nearly all parts of it using your thumb.

MacDailyNews Take: Of course, it’s not a “coincidence” at all.

• Apple can compete harder: Its tremendous success lets it work with tremendous economies of scale, so Apple can simply out-produce anyone else on the market.

• Apple’s designs delight customers: No amount of gigahertz or megabytes will change the fact that for most people who can afford it — at least, from what the market is showing — an iPhone is simply a better phone.

Spurbeck writes, “Android gadgets’ commercials create fantasy scenarios with spaceships and cyborgs, while Apple’s clearly demonstrate what the iPhone can do and how people enjoy using it. Apple’s products speak for themselves.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple’s iPhone 4S speaks for itself, literally.

We always laugh when we see an Android commercial. Watch any one of them: They say nothing. They are each a vapid 30-seconds of meaningless SFX. You could air one during Saturday Night Live and viewers would think it’s a parody. They’re all targeted directly at 12-year-old boys waiting for their pubes to sprout:

We pity those who settle for uninspired iPhone knockoffs. These aren’t the droids you’re looking for. You don’t want a fake. You want a real iPhone.


  1. Yep, all Android ads are science fiction fantasy. The Screen Images are always Simulated. They can’t show them in the UK, because they have a very high bar when it comes to ad claims. I mean, an Android phone isn’t going to make you into a Jedi knight or anything remotely like it.

    1. Yes, if they showed the actual low rez Android screen on a high def TV it would look crappy and low rez so they have to simulate the screen. The iPhone screen is high def so they can really show it.

      1. In the past three years since the iPhone was introduced, the human hand has grown 10% in size to easily use the Android smartphone’s larger display. it’s a well-known fact. Same with pants’ pockets in order to fit the larger hand.

    2. Nobody is ever going to realize what the Motorola advertisement promised to do. But everyone is able to do what the iPhone advertisement says it will. Practicality trumps fantasy any time. That’s why there are millions of very satisfied iPhone users versus a lot of frustrated Droid users who couldn’t realize the false promises of Motorola: using a Droid will not turn you into an android.

  2. The main problem with Android phones and tablets is that they all look and feel disposable. Both the hardware and the software feel like a cheap toy. Apple’s products, on the other hand, feel substantial. They could even be called luxurious – like a Rolex watch.

    The people i’ve encountered who claim to prefer Android devices have either never used an iOS device, hate Apple products on principle, or have no ability to discern quality from junk.

  3. This week my employer provided me with a Samsung Galaxy S II. My experience with Apple products has made me an Apple fanboy so I was reluctant to accept an Android phone. But now I was able to compare this phone with my privately owned iPhone 4. And have to admit I was impressed with my new Samsung phone. At first at least. I started to get annoyed pretty quick with the touch interface. Scrolling is annoying and the touch interface in general isn’t sensitive enough. The OS is inconsistent, the separate backbutton is actually a handicap, I’ve got two app stores and two mail apps, I really miss a decent home button, the display is slightly bigger but iPhone 4’s is ten times sharper and has better colors and so on.
    So yes, I now can confirm from experience Android is a crippled OS. However, people who are not familiar with the iPhone don’t know any better. They look at superficial specs and Android itself looks pretty nice, at first. And this market of settlers, ignorants and Apple haters will remain huge.

    1. I had a similar experience. Went from a htc hero to palm pre to htc evo to samsung galaxy s to finally giving into an iphone 3gs. I had no idea what i was missing. I love my 3gs and will get the 4s next month.

    2. I had similar experience, got a nexus s because it was free and though initially I was impressed but it’s just frustrates me more and more. First off the antenna is terrible and I’ve had two replacements so it’s not the hardware. It just keeps dropping calls in places where I’ve never had issues before. Also if the reception is poor it sometime doesn’t let you end the call and phone just hangs becoming unresponsive. As the other user said the OS is totally inconsistent with copy and paste being the worst offender. It also crashes frequently with the phone rebooting for no reason. It’s funny because I got it because it was free but I would pay for a iPhone in a second after this experience. Will defiantly be my last android and samsung phone.

  4. One of the Android makers (who can tell them apart?) is running a TV ad about the music capabilities. Dad plugs a cable (FAIL!!!) that looks like it goes to an iPod speaker unit to play his music.

    When get that when you can get the drop in speaker compatibility of an iPod or iPhone?

    The cable is the fragmenteds’ idea of a solution.

    1. Had the same situation last year, a friend came down with his new Droid, told me how it has an HDMI connector so he could hook it up to a HDTV and watch movies!

      I told him, as I took him to my living room, “geez, Apple should have thought of that, if I want to watch a movie from my iPhone I have to tap this here “AirPlay”” as I sent my movie to my ATV

      1. and you are going to take your ATV everywhere you go? When space is tight and portability is required(ie travel) , you will be the only idiot who puts an ATV into their luggage instead of the essentials.

        Also Android does have airplay like playback, it’s called fucking DLNA and it works on a lot more devices than just the Apple TV.

      2. your argument is invalid because your iphone only works with and apple tv, guess what, he could plug his droid into your tv and show you all the cool stuff his phone does that yours doesn’t. and you’re an idiot for buying an apple tv. you payed SOOOOOO much money for the ability to watch shit from your iphone. wow you’re cool. you don’t even need to tell me anything about yourself. your post tell me everything anyone would ever need to know about you.

        1. You think the ATV IS BAD? Why is google following with a NexQ? Looks like copy cats to me ;p even there advertisements are appearing to be “apple like.”

          No brand is better. It all depends on the end user. As for me… iPhone > Android. To each their own.

  5. I’ve been saying the same thing about Apple’s ads versus Androids for the last year, not that it’s a groundbreaking thought. It was always hilarious that Apple went for real, simple and showcased human hands performing simple, yet meaningful, tasks. Conversely, Android always uses robots and a bunch of other insanely stupid crap that kids and nerds living in their mom’s basement would like.

    “Right on, totally got my new Galaxy Tab! Power on… wait, where’s the friggin’ spaceship man? What the frack is this crap? It’s supposed to morph into a frackin’ spaceship!”

  6. All you pseudo reporters iOS biased , are attracting people to articles with the “why …” in front of your believing. But after reading it, it explodes into readers face that you are comparing products with taking under consideration the requirements of each individuals, which varies a lot. SO, opinions should not be presented as an article. In short, as a newbie, I would not care much about this article, even if I do recognize that iOS still is slightly better than Android …. for now.

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