5 reasons why Google is sweating Apple

“Steve Jobs, we now know, wanted to go ‘thermonuclear’ on Google for perceived design thefts,” Kit Eaton reports for Fast Company.

“Google, in the post-Jobs era, is doing nothing to cool the heated rivalry between the two firms,” Eaton reports. “By drawing together a few recent insights about Google’s moves and Apple’s innovations, one might wonder if Google is afraid of falling behind its rival–for good.”

Let us count the ways this could happen:
1. Siri
2. Maps and Navigation
3. Television
4. Shopping
5. Research, Spending, and Nervousness

Eaton writes, “If you add all the little niggles into one idea, then Google may actually be sensing a clear and present danger from Apple. Those angry barks from Jobs about the ‘theft’ of ideas in Android may, in fact, also come with a bite.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: In your last sentence, there’s no need to put the word theft in quotes, Ben.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Ben E.” for the heads up.]


  1. 9. Without the ‘mole’ it’s near impossible for Google to out tech Apple. When your biggest (markeshare not profit) success in the last 5 years was a stolen product i.e Android, everything else like Google Wave, Chromebooks, Google + etc flops, what real hope do you have… ?

    1. iOS is MUCH MORE secure.

      Never speak of security in such absolute terms, you’re guaranteed to be wrong sometime down the road. Charlie Miller clearly demonstrated an insecurity just this past week in iOS, and a shortcoming in Apple’s app review process (i.e. they can’t possibly review all functionality in a submitted app, especially frequently updated ones).

    1. Well, there’s the expression “Don’t sweat the small stuff” which means don’t worry about the trivial.

      Unfortunately for Google, Apple is anything but trivial.

  2. If Apple’s iOS is so great, why isn’t it keeping pace with Android installs? Android Apps Market has gone ahead of App Store in Downloads. In Android Market you find that Schools, Universities are creating and running more Apps than iOS ever has. More school districts have Apps as well. Google +1! iOS = 0 in education.

    Why? Because Android can be customized completely to suit the school curriculum. FLASH based tools are what put Windows on the winning track in the 90’s when Steve couldn’t get a FLASH port on his NeXT computers and that’s why he hated FLASH. FLASH based Apps run native on the majority of schools computing systems, including Macs!

    Who copied who? Android was already deep in development after being incorporated in August 2003, by the same team that brought the World the first set top box OS….. WebTV. Which sold to Microsoft and was ported to MSN Live. Which would become the basis of Xbox Live and eventually Metro!

    Apple did not begin development of an OS or the hardware for over year. They began as Android had, by first hiring a Touchscreen Engineer. That first engineer had come from Android. Naturally you must begin with touchscreen controls as the basis of any touchscreen device. Which Microsoft found out in 2000 (Tablet PC announcement) and didn’t go back to to ground zero on a Touchscreen OS in the first place, attempting to add it in later. I know all Apple fans chose to ignore the fact that Sergei Brin had announced two interfaces for Android in 2007 including Touchscreen, but you’ll all choose to ignore that.

    Notifications only one of the direct rip offs of Android and here’s their patent to prove that:

    Apple uses inferior, breakable glass, inferior memory size, slower processors, locked into 3.5″ screen size on phones and 9.7″ for iPad. They cannot introduce another size w/o further fragmenting iOS more than it is. Android fragments by choice to give greater CHOICE that Apple denies it’s users! Siri? haha… isn’t even close to VLINK, especially with “In Car” and Google Voice Turn by Turn full hands FREE. And you iDiots have the audacity to claim Google copied Apple??? haha…. right! ;-P

    1. I think a number of your facts are questionable. You’ll need to post some links to data. After that, we can debate the meaning of it.

      Two points for you to consider:

      AAPL has 4% of the market share but over 50% of the profits. Android is doing the OEMs few favors, and likely GOOG is at a net loss or breaking even on it (this is before ORCL takes their bite out of GOOG, too.)

      Android is higher in market share, but iOS is 2/3rds of GOOG’s mobile search hits. What does that say about Android users? A good portion of them aren’t using an Android phone like a smartphone, they’re using them primarily as a dumbphone.

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