Logitech says Google TV a ‘gigantic mistake,’ pulls plug on set-top boxes

“Logitech International has dropped out of the Google TV revolution,” Jessica Guynn reports for The Los Angeles Times. “Logitech Chief Executive Guerrino De Luca is writing off Google TV as a ‘big mistake.’ He said Logitech will stop producing its Revue set-top boxes, which enable televisions to receive Internet video.”

“At an event for analysts and investors Thursday, De Luca called last year’s launch of Google TV ‘a mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature,'” according to technology blog the Verge,” Guynn reports. “De Luca said the company would bring ‘closure’ to the ‘saga,’ which included steep price cuts to the Logitech Revue set-top boxes, by letting the inventory run out this quarter.”

Guynn reports, “He said there are no plans to introduce another box to replace Revue. Further, he predicted that the ‘grandchild of Google TV’ might succeed, but not the current product.”

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MacDailyNews Take: What did we say when Logitech announced their Google TV Revue back in October 2010?

“Steve Jobs is laughing his ass off right about now. This thing is far, far too complicated for 99% of the market and the prices are insane – in a bad way. It has a keyboard, an effing keyboard! At first, we thought it was all a joke. Then we began to feel sorry for the people at Logitech who wasted their time on this thing. Of course, some percentage of well-heeled geeks will get all excited. Too bad for Google and Logitech there are nowhere near enough of them to matter. Not even remotely close. Seriously, the vast majority of the world can barely switch inputs on their TVs to see the cable box, DVD player, etc. Frankly, we’re a bit stunned at the cluelessness of it all. This thing is DOA.” – MacDailyNews Take, October 6, 2010

Logitech could’ve saved themselves massive pain had they simply listened to us.

If any company is to reinvent TV, it will be Apple, not Google.

Siri scoffs at ridiculous button-festooned remotes.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “silverhawk1” for the heads up.]

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  1. Even if it HAD been good, they would have eventually failed because GOOGLE will probably start adding their crap to Moto set-top boxes, thereby shrinking Logitech’s or anyone else’s market share.

    1. Actually Google’s not behind Iris, that’s some 3rd party developer who made a big fuss that they’d “duplicated” Siri in 8 hours, and that used to claim Siri wasn’t revolutionary, that Siri was just “code glue” for existing technologies.

      Thing is, after 8 hours what they had was pre-alpha quality. It didn’t integrate with the phone’s OS, i.e. it was a separate app. People tried it and deleted it right away. A month later it’s still pre-beta. So much for “code glue”, and don’t even want to guess how badly their servers would handle millions of iPhone 4S users trying to access it at the same time.

      1. From Wikiepedia

        Schiller has over twenty four years of experience in product marketing and
        management, including seventeen[1] years at Apple in various capacities. His previous experience also included positions at Macromedia (Vice President of Product Marketing), FirePower Systems, Inc. (Director of Product Marketing), Nolan, Norton & Company and Massachusetts General Hospital (Programmer and Systems Analyst).

  2. “This thing is far, far too complicated …. we’re a bit stunned at the cluelessness of it all. This thing is DOA”

    google TV is what the Android phone would have been if the ‘mole’ hadn’t access to Apple’s secrets…

  3. “Logitech Revue set-top boxes, by letting the inventory run out this quarter.”

    In other words, continue to sell the “mistake of implementation of a gigantic nature” to unsuspecting customers. I’m glad I’m not one of there customers.

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