Hong Kong iPhone 4S launch sells out after thousands line up

“Apple’s flagship retail store in Hong Kong reportedly sold out of iPhone 4S units by lunchtime after Friday’s launch of the popular smartphone attracted a crowd of more than 3,000 people,” Josh Ong reports for AppleInsider.

“Despite clashes between customers and professional queuers earlier in the week, Friday’s 7 a.m. launch at the IFC Apple Store ran ‘rather smoothly,’ according to Twitter user PenguinSix,” Ong reports. “Police had broken up a crowd of 400 to 500 people in line for Apple’s new handset on Wednesday night after scalpers allegedly threatened customers.”

Ong reports, “On Thursday, a mix of security officials, Apple employes and police officers worked to create holding pens for queuers.”

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    1. Which Jim Cramer has duly noted and reported (before checking any real facts but going instead with the fumes of a rumor). Too bad such misinformation has helped Apple stock tank for no good reason. But what goes down must come back up once another smashing quarter goes by, unless they can figure out a way to think of some erroneously reported and anal-yzed downside.

  1. How about that. Demand for Apple products is drying up. Everything was sold out in a few hours. Lining up for a day or more. etc. Do these stupid talking heads hear what they are sawing? Is the round peg very square today too?

  2. Did you also read, “Apple’s share of world’s largest PC market, China, set to grow from 5% to 21%” yesterday? Is that not a 4 fold increase? A 300% growth in Apple’s market share in China which now is the world’s largest consumer of personal computers!

    1. The anal-ysts and Jim Cramer wouldn’t want to hear that! Makes them immediately look like forward projecting incompetent chumps, oh waitaminute, they ARE incompetent chumps. Chimps too.

      I think like Samstung we need to boycott these morons.

  3. There’s no doubt that the iPhone 5 with a 4.5″ screen would have sold out by 9am instead of 12 noon as with the 4S. Demand has been tepid for a phone not keeping up with the Joneses as it were.

    1. yesterday i saw a guy with a windows or android phone with or 4.3″ screen and that thing was hhuuuuuuge, it was like a mini tablet, it was terrible and IMO not very pratical to walk around with it in the pocket. i don’t think Apple will walk that path

    2. Your logic is not “all there” as usual. There were MORE people in line than there were iPhones. So thaaaaat meeeeans ………yeah thats right…..USE BOTH cores of your brain………tick tick tick……the phones sold out as fast as they possibly could. Could not sell out any faster. There were no time during the whole process that Apple were not raking in the money.

      Like I said, your logic is all screwed up as usual.

  4. …and wait till iPhone 4 owners like me , who have not upgraded because of the upgrade penalty, begin to place their orders. It is going to be an Apple Christmas!

  5. Well in Singapore, I believe the stock is that sufficient until the carriers here can fool the customers around with their “limited stock, first come first serve” announcements. Many rounds of pre-orders offered by carriers everyone is happy they got their 4S. I’m a 3GS owner upgraded to 4S too.

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