Apple iOS 5.0.1 fixes battery drain issue for some iPhone users

“It seems that Apple’s latest iOS 5.0.1 update released yesterday isn’t fixing the iPhone battery drain problem for everyone,” Adrian Kingsley-Hughes reports for CNET. “In fact, most users are claiming that the update is a dud, and some are saying that it makes the problem worse.”

“I’ve also heard from several developers who claimed to be getting better battery life from the iOS 5.0.1 beta that Apple made available to them earlier this week, and they claim that the release version works the same too,” Kingsley-Hughes reports. “I’ve also heard mixed responses from readers about the update.”

Kingsley-Hughes reports, “At this point it’s hard to pin down here whether this is a configuration issue, a app issue, or an issue specific to certain handsets.”

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  1. My experience has been that if I set a reminder that will activate when I get to a certain location then the GPS becomes active and uses the battery up faster. But still not exhorbitantly faster.

    Want better battery turn of continuous use of GPS.

  2. Mine didn’t fix it I can’t even use my iPhone for 15 hours straight…I mean…come on my iPhone has been useless…this is ridiculus and unacceptable the update was a dud…

  3. Before this release, I turned WiFi off and may battery life returned to normal. It seemed something had permission when WiFi was connected, to wear my battery out.

    After update, WiFi connection active, no drain at all. lost 2% since last evening. WiFi connected all night.

  4. I would remind everyone that recalibrating your battery by letting it drain completely and then fully recharging will likely have a beneficial effect. In fact, that’s what I’m doing now. My battery was draining pretty fast prior to the update. I haven’t charged in over 24 hours and still have 55% left. YMMV however.

  5. I shut off almost everything a few weeks back on my 64GB 4S and can now get a whopping two whole days usage before I have to recharge. 100% charge Wednesday when I woke up and then had to recharge last night when I went to bed. I don’t check email or surf as much as I used to but it’s better than the daily recharging I had to do on my 3GS.

    1. Ever think of getting a feature phone instead? Turning off everything defeats the purpose of getting a smart phone.

      I’ve got a 5″ Nokia I’d like to sell you.

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