Steve Jobs nominated for Time Person of the Year

“Apple Computer’s co-founder Steve Jobs was nominated by ‘NBC Nightly News’ anchor Brian Williams to be Time magazine’s Person of the Year,” Chenda Ngak reports for CBS News. “If selected this will be the first time the distinction will be awarded to a person posthumously.”

“Along with Williams, the panel of six included “Saturday Night Live” head writer Seth Meyers, actor Jesse Eisenberg, Chef Mario Batali, attorney Anita Hill and conservative lobbyist Grover Norquist,” Ngak reports. “Other notable nominees included populists, U.S. senate candidate Elizabeth Warren, Tunisian fruit vendor credited for kicking off the Arab Spring Mohamed Bouazizi and angry people.”

“‘The major shifts globally and domestically have been made by individuals that have formed together to resist, reject and often times even topple leaders. They’ve been movements of populism,’ argued Eisenberg, who nominated the populists,” Ngak reports. “Eisenberg elaborated by calling out the Arab Spring, Occupy Wall Street and Tea Party movements. Seth Meyers agreed and nominated angry people.”

Ngak reports, “Time’s Person of the Year will be revealed in mid-December.”

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    1. In 1938 Hitler looked like a f’ing genius and had the world fooled. Poland had not been invaded yet (leading to WWII) and by all outward actions and appearances he was a great leader who brought germany out of the ruins of WWI.

      Now if he had been “man of the year” in 1944 I would wonder about Time magazine….

    2. How many times does it have to be said, Time’s Man/Person of the year is the person who (supposedly) had the most impact on the world in the last year, not that the impact was positive. Hitler certainly qualified.

      1. I don’t think negative people should grace the cover of ANY magazine. Even if this is not supposed to be a good guy contest it is of poor taste to give the person the cover for affecting the world in a negative way.

        So should we have put Mark David Chapman on a cover in 1980? I think not.

  1. I doubt Steve would want to be Time’s POTY anymore if he were alive. The time for that award passed long ago.

    The Tunisian fruit vendor Mohamed Bouazizi should get it, because the Arab Spring is a major turning point in modern Arab history. When’s the last time two decades-long dictators got overthrown in one year?

  2. “Angry People” I think confuses some people. They are not talking of ill-mannered people who are pissed off. They are refering to the populations living in the countries that have recently toppled their tyrannic leaders. Egypt, Libya et al. As much as I think Steve Jobs has made some significant contributions to how society works and plays, multiple countries ridding themsves of tyranny has much greater and long reaching significance for the world.

    1. Angry People also refers to a subset of Americans who are fed up with the economic imbalance between the haves and have-nots, and that the poverty level in the US has dramatically increased in just a few short years.

      REGARDLESS of who is to blame Angry People are growing impatient for a fix.

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