New study shows people using Apple’s Siri don’t really need Google search

“Siri is the most innovative feature of the new iPhone 4S from Apple. Siri is a voice controlled virtual personal assistant that relies on artificial intelligence,” Nigam Arora reports for Forbes. “Apple has done an excellent job at integrating Siri with other apps on the phone.”

“When I asked Siri to find the best Indian restaurant nearby it came up with the right answer. It did not answer with the nearest restaurant, but found the highest rated restaurant nearby,” Arora reports. “Before Siri, I would have conducted a Google (GOOG) search for an Indian restaurant.”

Arora reports, “We did a small study at The Arora Report to validate the hypothesis that users of Apple Siri are reducing Google searches. The study involved 17 users of Apple Siri who upgraded from Apple iPhone 3GS, 20 users who upgraded from Android phones and three users who upgraded from Apple iPhone 4. All 40 users of Siri report that they see no need to go to Google if Siri can answer their question. 27 users of Siri have not done a single Google search since they got iPhone 4S. 13 users have averaged two Google searches since they got iPhone 4S. These users would have previously done more than 10 Google searches in the same time period. This is a small sample and the study is not scientific, but the study provides evidence that Apple Siri users are changing habits.”

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  1. Eric T. Mole (Google) must be shaking in his boots at the thought of Siri on all Apple devices and perhaps even on Windows devices like iTunes. Can you say “Out of business over night”? I knew you could!

    1. Actually we will still need Search for those types of searches that require a lot of text. It would just be nice to neuter Google down to an extreme minor, impotent but useful player – unless Apple comes along to fill out the Search equation from voice to text. THEN let Google burn…

      1. When I need an answer, Google search will give me 1,000,000 options every time. Out of these 99.99% are garbage that do not relate to what I want.

        Siri will give you a direct answer to what you want. If it could not satisfy your request, then it will politely says so; not with Google bullshitting that it can give you a million options within 2 seconds when none satisfies you.

        1. The point is that Siri will not open up a website for you without the use of google. I have an iphone 4s, however I’m not going to state that this has decreased my google search as drastically as this article claims it to do so. 99.99% of the website you get are garbage ….yes, that is the way it is for everyone…welcome to the internet! Nobody uses 20% of all the search results that google pulls up buddy. Now if you would have said that 99% of the first 3 pages are crap then I would suggest you refine your search criteria. In all honesty I dont actually believe you to be as “challenged” enough to actually mean what you’ve typed, however because someone else may read your ridiculous comment and for a second believe you and perhaps purchase an iphone for that reason, I figured I’d call you out on your bullshit.

  2. Funny. I was literally deleting all google apps off of my iPhone 4S as this MDN alert came in. Truthfully, between Siri and all the iOS 5 improvements, there are dozens of apps that I’m currently deleting happily.

    1. Haha exactly. Siri pretty much allows me to stop using Google. Thank god the Evil empire is dying. 🙂

      Steve *did* promise thermonuclear war on Google.

    1. I think the idea is that when Siri presents the information it “googled,” it is without the ads that would normally be present. Thus taking away any revenue Google can make.

    2. Siri does use Google for some of its searches, but Google doesn’t make money on searches, it makes money on selling the advertising space that accompanies the searches. If you by pass the “eyeballs”, you bypass Google’s bread and butter.

      Siri, look up “Thermonuclear” . . . “Thermonuclear – ever see a mole get run over by a steamroller?”

      1. God I miss Zune Tang. This guy seems like he’s 12 years old. I’m sure he’ll go away once the street lights come on or his mommy takes away his broadband connection. Probably doesn’t even own a phone 🙂

  3. lol — if I do a Google search on a web page for “the best Indian restaurant” there is a decent chance that Google does not get paid for the results … it all depends if the company being returned in the search has paid for ad placement or not … if that “best Indian Restaurant” paid for ad placement then Google gets paid, if not, then they don’t … doesn’t make any difference whether the information was returned by Siri or a normal web page.

    Just because Apple fanbois don’t understand how search works, and how Google makes its money, doesn’t mean that Google doesn’t make money.

    1. You are correct. Google earns nothing off clicks on organic listings. The bigger point, however, is that Google needs a page with ads to derive revenue. No organic searches, no ads display, and no chances of an ad click. Enough people using search source other than Google’s will ultimately change their bottom line, unless they force ad buyers to up their CPC numbers. PS- I don’t mind advertising. There is a place for it, and it often provides sources for just the item I am looking for. I also want Google to live well and prosper; I just don’t like the idea of Eric spying for Google when he had a responsibility to Apple while sitting their board. (and I don’t care what Android fanboys might want claim, Android became Android as a direct result of secrets exposed to Schmidt while an Apple Board member and so-called “friend” to Steve Jobs.)

  4. Check out the ads to the right of the search results. Those are paid for and are not seen in a Siri search, which means never clicked on. Rate of clicking drops, rate of payment drops.

  5. *SIRI* obviously relies heavily on Google Search, even if it abstracts the direct use of Google from its users.

    Cutting off Google’s revenue stream isn’t good for anyone, while it’s the most comprehensive search engine going.

    1. “Obviously?” I know Siri relies on specialized knowledge engines like Yelp and Wolfram Alpha. If Siri needs to go general searches it could use Yahoo or Bing or many others.

      No, Siri does not depend on google.

  6. Now, now – Google ads have their place.

    Sometimes I’ll search for something like “mesothelioma” and click all the paid links.

    If there is anything I hate more than Google, it’s lawyers. I read somewhere that those ambulance chasers are paying $75 PER CLICK on some searches.

    Screw ’em all!!!!

  7. I was at an Apple Store to play around with Siri. I couldn’t get it to work when I did the press-hold on the home button. Then, I realized it was holding an iPhone 4, not 4S. 🙂 No wonder it was sitting there by itself, while folks were jostling to play with the iPhone 4S’s.

    BTW, it was the most crowded I have seen that Apple Store, on a day that was not a “product release weekend” day. And the whole place was buzzing, not just the iPhone display area. This Apple Store brings A LOT of people into the overall mall.

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