Is Jeff Bezos the new Steve Jobs?

“It’s hard to imagine anyone could possibly fill the enormous vacuum left with the tragic death of Steve Jobs,” Richard L. Brandt writes for CNBC. “But people are searching hopefully for such a person.”

“An article in The Wall Street Journal concludes: ‘Mr. Jobs’s nearest analog might be one of Apple’s emerging rivals, Amazon Inc. CEO Jeff Bezos,'” Brandt writes. “The tech blog Gizmodo agrees in an article titled ‘Jeff Bezos is the New Steve Jobs,’ while The Atlantic Wire adds its own story, ‘Techies All Agree: Jeff Bezos = Steve Jobs.'”

“It’s a tough comparison,” Brandt writes. “But he still hasn’t shown the ability to be the pioneer in electronics that Jobs was… [and] Bezos, like everyone else, has tended to follow Jobs’s lead… What Bezos has to do now is show that he can come up with original ideas that add incredible value to the world of electronics—devices that show others the way. Only then can he be considered the successor to the genius Steve Jobs. He’s certainly going to try.”

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  1. I would just puke if the main stream and real journalist starts labeling this guy as the new Steve Jobs…. Not even close. Not even close by a lightyear… for Pete’s sake, not even in the multiverse will this guy be close to as another Steve Jobs… Is it April 1st?

    1. Dating myself a bit, but here goes. When Marylin Monroe died some 50 years ago, Hollywood did its damnedest to proclaim the next “Marylin Monroe”. Some may have beeen prettier, some were better actors, but everyone of them fell by the wayside, all of them lacking the same quality: presence.

      BeOS smart, no doubt about it. BeOS has built a successful tech company (if online retail is really technology), but he doesn’t have precedence. BeOS can’t disrupt industries (plural) to the extent that Jobs did. BeOS can’t inspire consumers (the that Jobs did), and Bezos can’t envision or execute on new technology (the way Jobs did) n

      No, Bezos is not the next Jobs, not even close.

  2. That’s funny. Wouldn’t he have to invent something before even being considered for the spot?

    And why can’t he just be Jeff Bezos; why does the media have to appoint a “next Steve Jobs”?

  3. Jeff at Amazon? Equals Steve Jobs? Amazon is a low margin joke of a company. Their margins are razor thin and they are on the wrong side of the supply chain. Jobs was a designer, inventor and marketing wiz. Jeff is simply another dressed up soda water salesmen. Jobs warned us about the sales bozos. To even compare the two is completely stupid. Thats like comparing Superman and Charlie Brown because they both were in the newspaper.

    1. Jeff Bozos is one of the chief architects of the lowest common denominator platform that uses cheap-pricing to entice an overbloated consumer population to stuff in more than what it can consume. Steve Jobs had not played to such strategy to gain consumer affection.

      So there is no difference between Jeff Bozos and the cheap PC purveyors and to compare him to Steve Jobs is just the wrong perspective to take. Let’s compare him to Michael Dell, Google and Motorola and I think he will find comfortable accommodation with them.

  4. Comparing that dork to Steve Jobs, a man who accomplished so much with his intellect, really? Jeff can only wish to be in the same club as Steve Jobs.

    Do some real reporting Wall Street..

  5. That is like saying Obama is the new George Washington. Or Steve Ballmer is the next Stephen Hawking.

    We won’t see a Steve for a long…..long time. It’s not Mark Shumckerberg, it’s not Jeff Bozos, or anyone currently in tech or business.

  6. I thought Reed Hastings was the new Steve Jobs. Just because he made a few bad calls and then, in a panic mode, did an undo/redo/undo+undo, caused his company’s stock to plummet some 80% from its peak last summer, and has been found selling his own stock grants recently just to spite the investors apparently, doesn’t mean he can’t be Steve Jobs still. Oh, the fickle minded tech journalism! Have some patience will ya, Reed will totally deliver within a decade or two.

    Meanwhile, Bezos is also the new Steve Jobs. I can totally see it. He presents like Steve Jobs. He also got fired from the company he once founded, which btw had revolutionised generations with this novelty concept of personal computing etc. He has, since then, found great success in a completely different field of animation magic, got his old company back and has taken it to become one of the, if not the influential and valuable company in the world etc. Besides, he has this killer product announcements that crashes Twitter in trying to cover it. So yeah, totally, Bezos is the new Steve Jobs.

    Now who wants to be the new Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer? Any takers?

  7. Why do people even think these thoughts? It’s so absurd to suggest the Bezos is in any way similar.

    Jobs was unique.

    His background, intellect, taste, history, and even his demeanor all made what he did possible. Bezos is an opportunist at best.

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