“A San Francisco man whose home was searched by Apple security officials hunting for a missing, unreleased iPhone is in discussions with the computer maker, his attorney said,” Declan McCullagh and Greg Sandoval report for CNET.

“Two Apple employees claimed they had traced the errant device to the residence of Sergio Calderon, 22, and then visited his house with four plainclothes officers from the San Francisco Police Department in late July,” McCullagh and Sandoval report. “Calderon, who has said he was led to believe everyone who entered the house was a police officer, has hired attorney David Monroe.”

“Police have said a two-man Apple security team searched Calderon’s home and did not recover the phone,” McCullagh and Sandoval report. Monroe said police facilitated the search by telling Calderon they would obtain a search warrant if he didn’t submit to a search. Monroe said he believes police acted improperly by not identifying the Apple employees.”

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