Sneak Peek: Pixelmator 2.0 to hit Mac App Store tomorrow with tons of new features (with screenshots)

We are currently test-driving Pixelmator 2.0 and we can tell you that it is a major release due to hit Apple’s Mac App Store tomorrow at a $29.99 introductory price (free update for version 1.x owners).

We’ll have more info for you tomorrow, but for now we can tell you that Pixelmator 2.0 is absolutely packed with new features, including:

• New look and feel
• Drawing Tools and Shapes
• Healing Tool with Content-aware fill
• Smudge, Sponge, Burn, Dodge, Eyedropper, Pixel, and Red Eye Tools
• New Type Tool
• Auto Save and Versions
• Red Eye Tool
• Pixel Tool
• Column and Row marquee tools
• New Gradient editor
• New Brushes editor
• Shadows and Highlights
• New, easier color choosing
• Numerical input for palettes
• Content-aware Fill for selections
• Improved Quartz Composer support
• Improved Transforming tools
• Support for PSD text layers
• Mac OS X Lion UI support new scrollers, gestures, buttons, menus, and more.
• Many more improvements

Pixelmator 2.0
Pixelmator 2.0
Pixelmator 2.0
Pixelmator 2.0
Pixelmator 2.0
Pixelmator 2.0
Pixelmator 2.0
Pixelmator 2.0
Pixelmator 2.0

Stay tuned for more info tomorrow!

In the meantime, check out Pixelmator Team’s sneak preview here.


        1. Agreed. I wonder what the problem is with CMYK? Put that in, and this is a no-brainer for tens of thousands of graphic artists to do lightweight photo manipulation. You could do at least 90% of what most people need for basic tasks.

      1. Do they work on Pantone Palette so it could be licensed as an add-on?

        As far as I remember such add-on for some other editors costs about $250-300, not cheap, but if it is really needed, then it is not that high.

      1. I just went through the same thing. USed AppCleaner to remove 1.6.7 and bought it through the app store.

        Was that the correct hint to do? Dunno. Dang sure hope so.

  1. I am gonna buy this this time, I am so sick of being screwed by Adobe (38 years as a graphic designer). Hopefully, the new version is at a level that it can be used professionally.

    1. I certainly can’t argue with your sentiment; but for me the reality is that, the very first time I tried Pixelmator, I discovered that it couldn’t do some very simple thing that I do in Photoshop every day. Unfortunately, I can’t remember what that missing feature was; but the point is that at that time (about 6-8 ago) Pixelmator was, in my opinion, very far from being a tool that professionals can rely on. I would love to see someone come up with an app that truly gives Photoshop a run for its money, but I haven’t seen that yet.

    1. I think Adobe (…and Photoshop ) are finally dead….!!!

      Ever been to a big ball game or a big rock concert? See all those guys with the big big lenses, and the magazines and newspapers and their websites with those shiny shiny pictures that publish their pictures? They are using Photoshop. Pixelmator is not going to be sitting on their desktops for a long time yet.

      Still way too many PC users out there last time I looked. Pixelmator is Mac only.

      Maybe one day. But not yet. Not this year anyway. I’m currently Beta testing CS6 and I can assure you it’s very much in contention for a long while yet. Yes I get the whole CS suite for zip. No, I’m not being paid to say this. I’ve got way too much invested in an Adobe workflow so I won’t be jumping ship for non 16bit Photoshop Decaff yet.

      Not saying it won’t happen. Just don’t hold your breath.

  2. I am surprised how much I like Pixelmator. It is light, fast and very easy to use. The real selling point for me has been the amazing community. The tutorials section on the website and the great website are like free online training. I can’t believe how much time these folks spend putting up content for free. Both I and my son really enjoy doing the tutorials and trying to out due each other…gotta say lately the 15yo has been winning ><

    1. The people at Pixelmator really do follow steve’s philosophy for perfection.

      They do it right the first time, and pay attention to every little detail to make sure their product is awesome 🙂

      I love it.

    2. I like Pixelmator, too, but I do admit that for those who live by Photoshop (ie. make their livelihood), it’s not ready to be a replacement. And, I think that even the Pixelmator developers would agree.

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