Inside Jobs: Smartphone makers feel compelled to start developing their own software

“Some of Asia’s biggest mobile-phone makers are taking a greater interest in developing their own software, a move that has gained urgency as some of their rivals team up with software companies to become more competitive,” Yun-Hee Kim And Paul Mozur report for The Wall Street Journal.

“Handset firms such as Samsung Electronics Co., LG Electronics Inc. and HTC Corp. built names for themselves making compelling phones for carriers, while relying on operating systems from companies like Google Inc. and Microsoft Corp. to power the devices,” Kim And Mozur report. “But Nokia Corp.’s partnership with Microsoft on handset development this year and Google’s planned $12.5 billion purchase of Motorola Mobility Holdings Inc. have some Asian device makers fearing they’ll have fewer software options in the future, which could affect their long-term competitiveness in the fast-growing smartphone market.”

Kim And Mozur report, “‘Software is core to the user experience and can be the differentiator between a hit device or a flop,’ says Neil Mawston, an analyst with research firm Strategy Analytics.”

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    1. Any way you look at it, this is good. Competition pushing boundaries and approaching the handheld OS from more diverse angles will only stimulate innovation (even if it’s only Apple innovating) But I constantly think of the tethering feature… Apple finally included it in iOS, and forced Carriers to allow it (At least in Canada) when competing models started touting it as a big feature. And maybe these Asian companies will have a good idea or two… One that we can enjoy a proper implementation of on our iOS devices.

  1. “Software is core to the user experience and can be the differentiator between a hit device or a flop….”
    Wow! I’m sure glad I have the constant flow of illuminating insights from people like these to help me understand the world.

  2. ATTN: Asia’s biggest mobile-phone makers – Uh, just be sure the 200+ patents and/or patents pending Apple has for the iPhone are on your “must-read” list before developing your own OS.

  3. They are going to do this because it is just so easy to write killer cell phone software. Anyone can do it. Just because it took Apple years to develop I am sure these companies can whip out a new OS in weeks. They can just reverse engineer iOS and name it something like Chockolate Swirl Lollipop Banana Desert and they will kill the iPhone. And the iPad too. Oh, and Android too. Yup. I give Apple six months.

  4. Apple figured out the importance of producing hardware and software under one roof thirty years ago; it just took the release of the iPhone and iPad to make people see the utility of it and the impact such convergence has on the user experience.

  5. This says that Windows Phone and Android are not working out so well for these companies and they think they can do better going it alone.

    We all know WP7 is not working out so well.

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