Apple patent app details next-gen microstrip cellular antenna for future MacBooks, iWatch and beyond

“The US Patent and Trademark Office officially published a series of 13 newly granted patents for Apple Inc. today,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“This morning’s first granted patent report covers a single knockout patent that has never been revealed before,” Purcher reports. “The patent reveals a next generation microstrip styled cellular antenna that, according to Apple, will be used for future products such as notebooks, a wristwatch and other wearable computers and beyond.”

Purcher reports, “It may even be used in covert applications. Yes, another James Bond Classic invention from the Crazy Ones in Cupertino.”

Much more, including Apple’s patent application illustrations, in the full article here.


  1. My next Mac Book Pro must have built-in 4G cellular capability, no disc drive, SSD, thin MBA type design, Thunderbolt & USB 3, in 15″ 17″ screen sizes and that’s a good start. Oh yeah and Siri. Anything else (like the updates from yesterday) seems positively retro. Hopefully we’ll see something forward thinking like this in 2012 with added surprise twists only Apple could think of.

        1. Appreciate the sarcasm boys, one of my own spesh-shee-alities, but everything I asked for in a new Mac Book Pro doesn’t seem unreasonable and pushes the envelope forward as is Apple’s usual wont. Taser, missiles, erotic massage, anti-grav and the like are really more 2013-14 embellishments.

    1. Keep waiting.

      I don’t see Apple building in 4G. It ties them to the wireless carriers, when Apple’s course to date has been away from the carriers. They made alliances for the iPhone only because they had too.

      Have you ever checked out the netbooks with 3G or 4G coverage for a particular carrier? They never set the world on fire like the proponents thought they would.

      If 4G ever comes to Macs, it will only be after their is one standard used by all carriers worldwide AND the carriers have sufficient coverage in at least the developed countries.

      That won’t be any time soon. Certainly not before you will want a new MacBook Pro.

      1. Maybe Apple will build their own network? I know, that will take a bit of time. But with all their billions it wouldn’t be a bad investment I shouldn’t think. And it would seem to mesh nicely in general with where they are going.

  2. @ DX. If you’ve been following the other patents regarding cellular antennas built into macbooks then it’s simply a refinement of the antenna concept so that there’s no bulky or visible antenna on the macbook. The smaller antenna would also now allow a device like an iPod nano-like watch to actually be a phone as well. That’s would be cool, hence the reference to the Dick Tracy watch. There’s also a link to the actual patent if you need more information. It’s pretty clear to me and the refinement really makes it “Apple-like.” design wise.

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